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  1. My friend just told me that he thinks the Red Hott Chili Peppers suck ass... and then he compared them to Fall Out Boy...

    I may cry.
  2. i personally find post-californication chili peppers to suck slight ass, but comparing them in any era to fallout boy is indeed unspeakable.
  3. thats fucking disgusting.. how could you diss the chilis! and when i read fall out boy i spit orange juice on my moniter.. i am disgusted..
  4. My friends dad said he had a chance to meet the band when he was a bouncer. Didn't meet them because they were just some local band at the time. I think you friend is wrong OP i don't even consider rhcp to be in the same genre as Fo boy. BTW flea is the shit and is the main reason i bought a bass.
  5. Right on!

    and the only work of the Peppers I didn't LOVE was Stadium Arcadium... Idk why I just didn't lol
  6. ouch fall out boy suck
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    I love RHCP, By The Way is an awesome cd.
  8. Blasphemy..
  9. Red hot chili peppers can give birth to fall out boy ...
  10. Force your friend to listen to the Fall Out Boy discography. In one sitting.
  11. omg fall out boy i fuckin hate that new aged pretty boy assmusic
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    every member in RHCP is an amazingly talented artist, particullarly John, and minus Anthony Kedis. dont get me wrong, he can sing, but has very little vocal ability and range.

    i dont listen to anything past Californication though. they went downhill for sure after.
  13. Kinda hard to go up after that don't you think?

    Also why is everyone being so hard on the Chilis for Stadium Arcadium? Sure it wasn't their best work IMO but it wasn't terrible either, I really liked Dani California.
  14. blood sugar sex magik.


    fallout boy nowadays only know what they see on MTV....fuck the bullshit mayne.

    every summer i rediscover my love for the chilis, and sublime.....great music. fall out boy is fucking gay. and so is your friend. PEACE
  15. - Original RHCP were fucking badass awesome. i'm talkin back early-mid 90s. Californiacation was their last decent album, and even that is kinda faggy.

    - However, the peppers kindof devolved into the radio-friendly emo-ish stuff which spawned all those emo bands like fall out boy... so in a way, they were the original fall out boy. except a lot better.
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    Haha putting these guys in the same category as Fall Out Boy is just funny. btw, if you are any kind of music fan, buy the DVD of them at Slane Castle, its fucking ridiculous.
    [ame=""]YouTube - Red Hot Chili Peppers @ Slane Castle - Throw Away Your TV[/ame]

    To see John just completely take over, watch 2:40 and on.
  17. Red Hot Chili Peppers are one of the best bands ever. They defined alternative music in the late 80's and early 90's.

    Blood Sugar, Mother's Milk, and Californication are some of the best albums since Phsyical Grafitti

    Freaky Styley, One hot minute, and By the Way are all pretty good but aren't even close to the other three.

    Stadium Arcadium is kind of lame though, hopefully the next Chili Peppers album will be as good as Blood Sugar.
  18. Man, I love all Chilis, old and new.
    Blood Sugar Sex Magik is amazing..
    Breaking the Girl, Suck my Kiss, Give it Away, Under The Bridge...

    and then there's By The Way..
    My Friends, This is the Place, The Zephyr Song, Can't Stop, Cabron..

    and the Californication..
    Around the World, Parallel Universe, Scar Tissue, Otherside, This Velvet Glove, Purple Stain, Road Trippin - actually pretty much that whole album

    Stadium Arcadium isn't bad, I reckon it's pretty good..
    Dani California
    Slow Cheetah
    Strip My Mind
    Tell me Baby
    She Looks to Me

    there are heaps of good songs on the album imo
  19. Your friend needs a good public flogging.
  20. RHCP all the way! The Zephyr Song high = str8 euphoria :)

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