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Red hot chili peppers?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by tehpottestmofi0, May 16, 2004.

  1. does anyone listen to them while stoned? i do, and i think theyre perfect, nice slow music when you want it, and sweet fast music when you want it, and some damn fine musicians
  2. Yep I like them. That Blood Sugar Sex Magik cd is awesome, stoned or not.
  3. Yeah, the RHCP's are pretty cool. Good music, and a pretty good show live. ( When they feel like it. ) Flea is a trip!

    The reason I said when they feel like it is because a couple years back, I had the fortune of seeing them twice on one tour. The first time I seen them,they jammed for close to 2 hours. The second time I seen them they just played their bigger hits and left the stage in about an hour. Go figure?
  4. They're ok. I like some songs, but don't like others.
  5. chilli pepers are sick!!! under the bridge,other side they are amiazng i love to blaze my new bowl while listioning to em
  6. i usually watch the dvds of them when i smoke, funky monks is such a good one, and slane castle is great

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