Red Hot Chili Peppers are Back! Check out new single "Dani California"

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by stonehenge55, Apr 4, 2006.

  1. As my title says the red hot chili peppers are indeed back with their new album, Stadium Arcadium, coming out May 9th in the U.S. and the 8th UK, their new single has now been released on for your viewing pleasure. If you r not a chili peppers fan, sorry for posting this, but i thought a few people might be interested since i read a "favorite smoking music" thread and was surprised and excited that there are more chilis fan-stoners that frequent the city. enjoy-
  2. That new song is great! I can't wait to hear the new album :hello:

    RHCP are the best!
  3. Havnt heard the new track, Im gettin it right now. And yes Chili Peppers rule:metal:
  4. yeah i listened to it earlier. i think it rocks. i'm pretty sure they're announcing US tour dates tomorrow (apr4). can't wait to see them.
  5. yea i cant wait till may, i had no idea that the single was gona be available today but when i checked their site there it was. its true that each album is nothing like the one before it, and this is true about this song too, very different.
  6. I read that they announce the new tour details tommorow (locations and dates). Hope they come to NY!
  7. wow I love RHCP havent just started listening to them again after like a whole year lol, and this new single is pretty sweet iexcited now.
  8. yea ive found that u either love them or hate them, in my case its a love relationship. I was really surprised at the quality of Dani California as i suspected it to be a bit overrated but i found that i was wrong and that i need to keep my faith even after 4 years. lol
  9. cant wait for their album, it comes out may 9th, and is a double disk, 25-28 songs
  10. I can't wait! I love rhcp hope they come to toronto.
  11. sweet dude, thats something i know i wont be spending money on! haha sorry guys, i think there's more talent in ashlee simpson's lip sync-ing.

    EDIT: that was totally uncalled for, im a meanypants no good thread pooper.
  12. I had high expectations for this song, and yeah it definantly delivered. Ever since Blood Sugar Sex Magic, this band has been on fire.. they haven't had a single bad song, seriously.

    The only thing that I hope they do is go back to their roots for atleast a few songs on this album.. I love the funky chili peppers shit. On Californication there were a couple of funky songs, but By The Way didn't have any :(

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