"red Headed Bitch"

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  1. Check out my girlfriend.. I call her my "red headed bitch".
    I was given a Jack Herer bud as a birthday gift by a friend.
    The same friend had approx 2 lbs of Jack... Out of his batch he had a couple of seeds.
    I was given a seed by my buddy in December. My buddy suggests it is Jack Herer..
    I vegged it then planted in mid December.. Arizona winters are awesome - not cold at all.
    The seed produced a Monster MOMMA Bush.
    In April, my bush threw me a couple of seeds.
    Up came my red headed bitch and another called "stubby".
    All are days away from harvest.
    Check em out...
    The pics don't give the appropriate justice they deserve, because of a "sorry ass" camera.
    The buds are completely covered in crystals.. The leaves around the bud's are sticky to the touch. When the buds are touched, your hands or fingers get real sticky and "oh so smelly".

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  2. Here are samples of my "BUDDIES" from my red headed bitch and her mother..
    Some of the leaves on momma's top had to be trimmed last week due to a bug problem.
    I have never used fert's or chem's, and chose not to use chem's to kill the bugs so close to harvest.

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  3. ahhh my girlfriend is a red head! haha those plants look great though, how many more days till harvest? man if i were you i would of taken clippings from your "red headed bitch" hopefully you did.
  4. How come the date on your pics says 3-1 2005? Reminiscing?
  5. I wish I knew.. my daughters camera...
    Must have been set on wrong date.. Wish I knew, as it is doing me a great injustice..
    Guess I have smoked too much over the years to pay attention before snapping the shots....
  6. Chopped the top of my bitch ..... Drying - getting ready for cure in a jar..

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