Red Handed=All Friends Passing

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  1. The short version of my first piss test...

    I was at a reform school for being a dumb little shit. We couldn't watch TV, listen to music or watch R rated movies but my buddies managed to smuggle in some pot.

    Later on that night myself and two of my friends were blazing in a dorm bathroom only to have our session rudely interrupted by our main counselor. Being stoned out of our minds and knowing that this counselor has never smoked grass, we immediately deny we were doing anything wrong. All the while me and my friend try to defend the skunk wafting out of the bathroom, our third friend happened to be standing behind the bathroom door unnoticed. He never got busted.

    After retrieving a friend's clean piss, I set out to try and cheat the drug test. Myself and five of my friends(they decided to witch hunt) were each isolated in rooms and were told we were going to be tested. I easily cheated my test but was worried about the large bottle of piss in my pants. About 10 sec. later another friend of mine opens the door, I threw the bottle at him, and he closes the door. Nice move.

    The results: everybody tested passed and my main counselor was left mind fucked. However we did get busted 6 mo. later cause somebody ratted us out.
  2. haha sweeet. yo bad about later though, wat happened?
  3. Somebody ratted us out long after the heat died down just to save his own ass. The school we were at had a secret police of students ready to narc on you to further themselves. That's all good though since we pulled off a pretty good one.
  4. Nice. "We could watch we smoked weed." I'm liking the logic.

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