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Red Hairs?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Jackman6123, May 14, 2010.

  1. What is the percent of THC in these? I'm sure it varies but is there a rough estimate? Compared to the bud? I got a stash just filled with red hairs on the nugs and me and my buddy were wondering how good they really are. Many Thanks :smoking:
  2. Hell if I know.. take a hit for me though. Sounds dank. :smoking:
  3. well red hairs hmm, is it sticky? i cant really tell w/o some pics but when i was in college my roommate brought home some redhaired fire from NY and that stuff was insane, i got ripped off one hit:smoking:
  4. Those hairs are part of the bud itself. Buds(the flowers) and smaller leaves are covered with trichomes. Trichomes are microscopic, they cover the entire surface of the bud, hairs, stems, and small leaves. Hope this clears things up fir you
  5. From my understanding of botany, the red hairs are simply the pistils that are dried up. All what pistils are meant to do is just catch pollen. And when a marijuana plant is at the right time to be harvested, the pistils turn a orange/reddish or brown color and dry up.
  6. Red hairs dont always mean that the bud is bomb although almost all good bud has some type of redish hairs on it. If i were you id go for it and smoke the red hairs, but its probably nothing more than the rest of the bud.
  7. Correct master kush^.
    on the living cannabis plant, they are pistils and what they to is catch pollen from males(if there are any) and create seeds in the bud. This is why most people discard of males immediatly to avoid seeds in bud, dank or not.
  8. yes, I am fully aware of trichomes. anyways... So the hairs are the same as the regular bud?
  9. They are covered in trichomes. Is that a good enough answer.0 basically they are just part of the flower.
  10. Red hairs have always been a good thing in my experience, a lot of rich headies have them on the nugs. And Bob Dylan is the man haha.

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