Red Hair Skunk/Bag Seed Indoor[PICS]

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  1. Sup guys I deleted my old thread cause it said it was a outdoor grow, and well it isnt.

    Grow Setup-

    Closet Dimensions:
    7 FT+ Tall
    4 FT Wide
    2 FT Thick

    Phillips SLS 20/RH. 20W-120V(CFL)
    60W Fluro
    60W Fluro

    4 Bag Seed
    3 Red Hair Skunk


    The Largest plant is 5 inches tall and is a bag seed plant. The rest are all around 1-2 inches.

    Peters Professional All Purpose Plant Food
    Mixture in a spray bottle for foliage spray.


    Plant Food-


    Biggest Bag Seed-

    2 Red Hair 2 Bag Seed Sprouts-

    Bag Seed Sprout-

    Red Hair Sprout-
  2. yay hope you got some fans going on those babies... you plannin on upgrading your lighting? they look good now :) +rep
  3. nice start man, looks like my grow from a few years ago.
    the largest bag seeds looks stressed, get a fan man.
    oh yeah, its a given and you probibly are planning it, but
    make sure you tranceplant those into bigger containers.
    hope it goes well. GL.


    edit: gladiator rules man!
  4. Yea I just started turning on this big ass fan when I open the closet door, Ill have to wait till I get a smaller fan to have on all the time. The big one has a mix of nute/light burn. But its doing good on the recovery.
  5. Yea thats what happens when you get a time release fertilizer soil... i did the same thing but they only have fert burn for a while... then they pull out of it... or at least they do for me :)
  6. hey just to let you know those lights are 20 watts not 60 its best to get 4 150 watt worklights from home depot 4 15 bucks a pop(bulb seperate) total watts of those will be 42 each bulb wich equals 164 watts plus the watts you already have 164+60=324 that should be enough for vegging
  7. those 42w bulbs are like 2600 lumens too... so if u get 4 plus some other little things u got almost like 10k lumens... good enough :)

  8. For real? I just went by what it says on the bulbs, and it says 60W 120V.

    Plant are growing, I'm not gonna post until they make some significant progress though, they seem to be growing very slow though, my light setup have anything to do with this?
  9. PICS

    I pinched under each node, and another set of nodes are slowly coming in now, also, on the top of the plant, instead of more leaves developing im getting thistle like things coming in, this couldnt be the top cola could it?? My plant has to be to small to be developing its cola already right?

    This is the second best plant as of now.

    small red hair

    1 red 1 bag
  10. [​IMG]
    Ouch, that dosn't look healthy at all...
  11. read bro, its healthy its just nute/light burned, and is recovering still.
  12. just got a new spiral cfl, puts out 1700 lumens. uses 26 watts and is guranteed 5 years!
  13. these are the only 2 pics small enough to attach.

    second pic is of a red hair thats a little messed up, one set of fan leaves are like, dwarf size, as the other is normal..

    Attached Files:

  14. Your plant is stretching, get it closer to the light source. In fact, situate the flouros so that they are less than 2 inches from being directly over the top of your seedling.

    You wanna stop that stretching ASAP as it will impact how much your plant will yield AND ultimately cause it to take up more space(because it's taller than normal).
  15. well photobucket is up again so here are pics...




  16. Hey man, those lights are doing summat but there not too good for growing weed quickly, i recommend a HPS light or some floro's that have a red spectrum and a blue spectrum if your sticking with house hold lamps. Its looking good though, heading in the right direction! Is there a cubboard some where you could grow them its gonna get bright otherwise, you might need some shades.
  17. yea, they are growing reall slow but thats all i can do right now, time to time I add a another cfl, but im gonna need to buy more portable lamps and just add more cfls, when i have my grow room completly done it will have probably 4 or 6 1700 lumen cfls.
  18. little update since i just repotted some of the plants, and i noticed the one plant that was severly burnt is doing GREAT now, the nodes are forming in not far from each other at all, and the fan leaves are filling out great. well heres the pics.......





    This one had the dwarfed fan leaves, but I put it under the better CFL and the dwarf sized ones are starting to fill out.

    Best One.
  19. Looks like you've stopped the stretching which is awesome. It's funny though, I encountered the same initial seedling stretch problem myself. I'm not sure if this is 100% true but I noticed it didn't matter how close I situated the CFLs from the tops of my seedlings, they still stretched until they were about an inch tall. In fact, I had to adjust the CFLs several times because the plant kept shooting up despite the fact the light was less than a half inch away from it's canopy. Then after the first set of fan leaves appeared, the stretching stopped and the plant is developing into a little bush(Indica dominant hybrid). My assumption is that the plant is genetically programmed to grow an inch or so above the soil before it begins developing it's foliage. Who knows...

    Blah, I'm rambling.

    In anycase, your grow is getting better and better with every posted pic. Keep up the good work and keep us up to date with your progress.
  20. hey man theyre looking good now.have you got a closet you could get em in? Im an electrician by day and i think ive seen my nightmare in one of your pics.


    lol.could you make a board up like this.


    If your interested i can talk you through what ya need an how to do it.

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