Red Faction: Guerilla

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  1. This game is sick, and every1 must get it.

  2. i played the demo and it was actually pretty good
  3. I LOVED it! I can't wait to buy this game. Nothing like loading a truck up with explosives, driving it towards a structure at full speed, jumping out last minute and detonating the bombs.
  4. i dont really like the multiplayer fighting.. i mean there is no recoil on the guns or anything ? its kinda too easy
  5. just bought the game a day ago and it is legit. I think there are definitely some improvements that could be made, recoil being one, more variety in speed of vehicles, and I think the story could be a tad more engaging. Overall though the graphics, gameplay, and destruction are some of the best I have seen and I have had the most fun playing this game than any other in a longgg time.
    Go buy it now.
  6. The destruction is fantastic. I love it! :hello:
    I love crashing a truck into a govt building destroying it.

    The only problems I see is that the guns suck, vehicle differences kinda suck, and the story sucks lol.
  7. I thuroughly enjoy the story, if you havent gotten to dust you should.

    Not as much as prototype tho, which im about to make a post on.
  8. Demo was sick as hell, smashing shit up and just blowing the fuck out of stuff was sweet.
  9. The guns are fucking rad dude. Have you played the game?
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    No recoil = shitty guns lol. They seem kinda lame to me. I dunno.

    I preordered the game from amazon and they sent me a promo code for some golden hammer. IDK how to access it though.. I know how to enter the code, (duh) I just don't see any golden hammer anywhere :confused:

    The Amazon Video Games team thanks you for your pre-order of Red Faction Guerrilla. Now it's time to get you your pre-order bonus code.

    Here is your code: HARDHITTER

    This code will give you access to the Golden Sledge Hammer.

    How to Use Your Code:
    Step 1: From the Main Menu, select Options.
    Step 2: From the next menu, select Extras.
    Step 3: From the next menu, select Enter Code.
    Step 4: Using the console's on screen keyboard, enter the code above in all capital letter.

    Pfft, preorder bonus code my ass. It seems as though EVERYONE will be able to enter this code. The fuck amazon.
  11. There is some recoil. I tested it out on the machine gun. But why do you want recoil? Recoil is bad. It is the future...maybe they created guns that don't have recoil. ANd did you see the gun that fucking disintegrates shit? Or the hyperbaric rocket? Or how about the singularity mines? Those thing are fucking badass.
  12. You can't lie, the game only has 8 different mission modes and only like 5-6 variances in terrain. However, they give you sooo many guns and rockets and vehicles to just blow everything to kingdom come. I consider it the same formula as what made Left 4 Dead popular; sticking to strong gameplay. People don't get tired of killing hordes of zombies, and most people probably will be hooked on blowing things up :p
  13. LOL@ Phire's sig.

    On topic, I noticed that if you start wrecking kids on the other team, their bullets do more damage and yours do less.
    I'd also like to see options with backpacks like taking some out or replacing some with others in the game, it would prevent things like an incincible turtle at the Health pack.

    Still think its a great game, especially multiplayer.

    Still not as good as [PROTOTYPE] tho, which im going to continue to endorse, for free, because its great.
  14. i'd say red faction is one of the best games of the year so far cause its just awesome to grab one of those big combine/dumptruck vehicles and completley demolishing everything. i love this game!
  15. Played the demo and it sucks. It's very generic game, boring. Nothing revolutionary. I'm going get red dead redemption. It comes out sometime this month.
  16. Nothing revolutionary???

    Have you seen how realistic the buildings shatter?? that's revo-bloody-lutionary.
    This is like a physics lesson in a game.
  17. i grew up playing the origonal red faction on ps2
    i have yet to buy guerilla.
    can u still make bunkers by blowing numerous holes in a wall? LOL
  18. ^Dude.....^

    I was a fanboy when the first one came out in like '01. Guerilla is seriously everything you'd want out of the Red Faction series. Every building blows up, shatters, and collapses realistically. The best feeling is sneaking around EDF guards, planting bombs on the base-side gas cans, getting away a bit and BOOM. The only thing I don't like about this game, is that the AI response can be a little unrealistic. No matter how steathily you blow a building up, all the EDF guards are onto you.
  19. Just got a copy for PC. Lol blowing down that first tower was epic.

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