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Discussion in 'General' started by TheMainEvent, Apr 6, 2006.

  1. Sometimes I have those days that my eyes just will not become white again, even after eyedrops, and I need to go home with my parents and such but im sure that if they take one look into my eyes they will know that im high. Are there any ways to clear up your eyes when nothing else seems to work?
  2. scratch them with the tip of your nail lightly for 6 seconds then switch up to scratching pretty hard for the next 4 seconds......should do the trick

    nah im kidding i dunno are you sure the eyedrops your using are to get the red out?
  3. Aviators, my man.
  4. Isnt there some badass eye drops out there that can clear my eyes of all the redness?
  5. TheMainEvent, are you from the forums? I havent posted there in ages.
  6. Have you used the Rohto V 1000? it's awsome man...once those drops are in ur eyes, u will feel a cold, air rush on ur eyeballs...its just awsome. It works for me..try it

  7. I was looking for some of those but the gas station up near my house diddnt have any...where did you find yours at?

    And Alphå, nah im not from those forums...Im more of an Xbox fan myself.
  8. I've got a friend that swears by those Rohto V's. I've used em before and they did the trick. I swear by Opcon-A, gets rid of itching and redness in a big way.

  9. check over on ebay, you can prolly find a really good deal on a bottle. Thats what I did.
  10. But where do you find these kinds at, every time I check up at the gas station all they have is Visine.
  11. At a pharmacy, try a CVS, Walgreens, Eckard, etc. Even the pharmacy section at a grocery store should have an assortment of eyedrops. It also would not suprise me if super Walmart carried them.. :)

  12. Yeah I saw some on there for sale, but I live with my parents and dont have a credit card or anything to pay for them with...and they would be kind of suspicious as to why im ordering a certain kind of eye drops off of ebay.
  13. lol sunglasses???

    hmm mine stay red sometimes after too...wat i do sumtimes is put the drops in and close my tightly and move my eyes around for like 10-15 seconds...sometimes that helps
  14. Just try another brand, maybe your eyes dont work on them. I personally use Vizine, but I know other people use Clear Eyes. Just go through all the brands before giving up, then just use sunglasses
  15. Alright I found some of em...hope these do the trick.
  16. COOL, it removes redness, thats what your going for.

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