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Red eyes with contacts?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ebkallday, May 18, 2010.

  1. What Should i used to get rid of my red eyes after smoking if i have my contacts on?
  2. just use visine. They make some for people with contacts.
  3. I use Rhotos, it says not to use with contacts and I'm probably owning myself but I look to the right and have someone drip is to the left corner.. works fine. But like I said, it probably really doesn't and is melting my eyes.

    I'm high.
  4. alright ill check out that visine thanks

  5. Don't use visine,I've herd that they are horriable for you eyes, and u build a tolerance, use clear eyes for red eyes. They are super good. Blazed!;
  6. My eyes never get red with contacts but once I take them out they go red as fuck
  7. When I wear contacts everywhere but where the contact is at gets red and when I don't wear my contacts my eyes don't get red.
  8. I got contacts and when my eyes get crazy dry i just use any visine and it clears it up usely
  9. i've used the visine ffor contacts and they help with your eyes drying out but blow as far as redness relief. personally i use rhotos clear that red, and give ya a nice cooling effect. i asked my eye doctor and he said that there really isnt much of a differeance in drops for contacts and regular ones, but i guess its just what every work for you

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