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Red eye problems

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by dankitydank435, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Alrite so ive been tokin for 2 or so years now and this past year my eyes have been getting so damn red when I smoke. I know that they usually get red with everyone but some of my friends don't get red eyes ever? Is there something I could do to keep them from gettin so red besides using eye drops? Diet change? Idk if anyone has any tricks to this one help me out mayne hah
  2. Its just the way your eyes are man.
    Some people get it worse than others, who knows why?
    (I'm sure someone could tell you but I can't)
  3. When you smoke lift your head up, don't look down, been doing this and have not had red eyes since. Just cause you can't see the smoke in your eyes doesn't mean it's not there.

    Hope this helps.
  4. well weed increases the blood pressure in your eyes(which is why it's a temporary cure for glaucoma)and thus making your eyes red. So anything that lowers your blood pressure could probably help. I say just invest in eye drops and don't worry too much about it
  5. You could stop smoking lol, but yeah you cant really do much. Sometimes it depends on the weed, you could always use eye drops, or drink a bunch of water i think it helps.
  6. Kind of a silly thing to say, he posted this in a forum about weed, i doubt he wants to stop smoking weed
  7. For some reason my eyes get as read as the devils dick , while friends eyes stay pearly white. Clear eyes does the trick tough.
  8. smoke shitty weed. or deal with it. aint nothin wrong with red eyes
  9. Get some rohtos. They burn like a bitch at first but your eyes will go red to white in no time.

  10. Oh sorry just read the besides eye drops part. Rohtos still are the shit though for red/itchy eyes.
  11. Also agree with the other poster, try not to get smoke in your eyes, this makes it much worse.
  12. You need to drink more water.
  13. My eyes get demonic when I smoke. I'm in the same boat as you because some of my friends don't get as red of eyes as I do. It's just who you are, man!
  14. if youve been smoke daily a long ass time and dont get smoke in your eyes, they ushually wont get to red, unless you just had like 5 blunts or something, other wise just use eye drops n drink water, i notice awhile back i dont need eye drops anymore unless i smoke a shit load, eye tolerence????? idk eye drops man...eye drops.
  15. lol Red eye problems not here :)
  16. My eyes only get red when I eat edibles.. White as fuck when I vape or (rarely) smoke.

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