Red Eye Only With Bongs?

Discussion in 'General' started by Eyes, Oct 4, 2006.

  1. I mainly smoke blunts/joints, bongs are on rare occasions except currently 'cause I made one :D
    Anyway, I almost never used to get red eye with joints, and I hit my bong a few times yesterday and I had pretty damn bad red eye.
    Anyone else just get red eye with bongs?

  2. I get re eyes from just about everythin.. More with bongs I think because you can take SUCH big rips from it and get sooooooooooooooo much smoke lol. Soometimes when I exhale so much smoke comes out it comes out in breaths lmao.. sorry if it dont make sense I am moaked.. Been moaked since 8 :hello:
  3. My eyes don't ever really get red...but pretty much whatever you smoke out of [especially bongs] will give you red eye I'm sure...
  4. my eyes tend to get red a lot easier via bong than other methods.

    i used to never get red eyes.. until i started smoking out of bongs and such as opposed to joints.

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