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  1. I’m new here, age 50, and have been smoking for about a year. I only smoke at night to help me sleep and for back pain. And not every night. Sometimes a little more on the weekend. But my eyes are red and irritated during the weekday when I’m at work, nearly all the time. I don’t understand it. My eyes are fine at home and on weekends when I’m actually smoking. So do you think my eye redness and irritation is something besides the marijuana? Like an allergy? I don’t smoke flower, I just do the vape cartridges so my husband won’t smell it. He’s against marijuana and doesn’t want me to use it.

    Thanks for any advice!

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  2. I can't help you with your red eye problem but I do suggest you get a new husband. ;)
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  3. I keep hoping he will change his views about it. I got my MMA card and since have quit taking opioids for my back pain. But he’d rather me take hydrocorone I guess.
  4. I’m 53...
    I can’t imagine hiding my medication from my spouse. I’m sorry. I really don’t know what to say other than even my 70 something year old parents approve and they don’t even drink. Good luck sister.
    Maybe you have some allergies going on? You may want to look at environmental causes for your eye irritation? I’m doubt it’s the vaping. Visine is your friend.
  5. Visine works for red eyes.

    If you don't get red eyes when you smoke you shouldn't get them when you're sober, maybe hayfever?
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  6. I did visine for awhile until it quit working and actually making them worse. I do Lumify right before a meeting and it seems to help for a little while. Yes I think I have ruled out marijuana and think it’s an allergy or something. Thanks!
  7. I do Lumify because Visine quit working and started making them worse.
    Thanks. I do hope he comes around. It’s tough trying to act sober all the time.
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  8. Stick to the weed, i was on 15mg Oxy's for nearly 5 years for 2 Compressed Disc's with Sciatica. I really did need them the first 3 but the last 2 were hell, still only taking as prescribed but withdrawals 2 times a day i had enough. Well it's 6 month's since I've been off them and glad there not dictating my daily life anymore. I'm sore as hell but no more of that stuff:)

    About to order some Dinamed CBD & see how that gear go's. THC doesn't take my pain & aches away so i will try the CBD.
  9. Eyes also become red from dehydration.
  10. Well if you think its allergies then have you tried this crazy thing called benadryl because that should help, at least that's what the commercials say. Hahahahaha
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  11. I'll bet your husband is a republican.
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    This is an easy fix, Full Eye Contact's;).
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  13. Sadly yes
  14. I'm not about to diss your husband...evidently you're with him for a reason, you love each other enough to be, and stay married and I think that people here shouldn't really be making assumptions or comments about's just not helpful.
    It is an unfortunate situation though...
    Usually, I'd advise when a person is early on in a relationship they're completely honest about themselves and what they's not about doing what one person says or another, it's about living your truth and finding ways to work around each other...which should be theory.
    If one party is unable to do that, and it's a deal breaker for them, then that's when you say maybe it's not going to work out - Obviously you're married and have been together for some time so you've missed the boat there.
    I'd still suggest being open about it at this stage though.
    You know, respect the fact that he's not into it and do it in your own space which you seem to be doing anyway.
    If you're saying you use it for pain control rather than going onto opiates or any of the other pharmaceutical options (which used long term aren't really advisable) then I have to believe that it's a point you could bring up and have a fair standing on.
    You're not abusing.
    You're not doing it because you want to get fucked up.
    You're doing it because your only other options are to endure pain, or to take more addictive and potentially harmful substances to take on an ongoing basis.
    I believe that a husband and partner should accept this...and should respect your reasons...often what a person is "against" is the basis of what they've seen or heard towards the negative side. Not the positive.
    That said, if he can't deal with it, he can't deal with it.
    I don't think you should have to be hiding it as such though, just doing it in your own space.
    It shouldn't be a big thing.

    Onto the actual issue...
    First of all if you're looking (honestly) for pain relief as the primary function?
    I'd suggest looking into edibles, and/or tinctures/RSO - Their analgesic properties are far superior to smoking or vaping. You actually don't need to "get high" much at all to get these properties - they will do their work even if you have enough to only get a mild buzz.
    There's also a carry-over effect from edibles when it comes to the pain killing properties.
    A friend of mine that had a botched hernia removal that gives him trouble sometimes, usually in the form of a 3-4 bout of pain/sensitivity in the area, will have a half of one of my edibles, (which are home made and not super high grade) and this will eliminate, or at least significantly lessen his pain for the duration of this.

    There's also vapourising to consider, not the liquid stuff, "dry herb" model vapourisers. Very good portable units on the market now that aren't super obvious looking either. Don't go cheap though, you'll only end up spending more in the end and hating the experience. Treat yourself to top of the line.
    I would think vaping would make your eyes less red, but can't guarantee it.
    If discreet is what you want though? Try it.
    The smell that stays on your hands, clothes, breath from smoking is drastically reduced, if not completely gone...if part of what you're trying to do is keeping it off the husbands radar - it's something to consider, and there's not a person that can legitimately say it's not a lot healthier a way to go about it.

    Eyes though...if you still get red eyes from any of this...check out the other solutions specific to that the others have talked about in here. Dehydration is a thing. Too much soda, not enough water, not enough sleep...all things. Though "not enough sleep" may be helped by addressing the pain issues.
    Check yourself out for allergies, that's another option.

    All the best with your decision, and I hope that you guys can get on a more honest and open level with each other. It might be an idea to talk openly about it, find out what his concerns are and address them...not for it to be a circular argument (don't aim to "turn" him), but so you can have some information and see if you can work towards a solution that you're both happy with, or at least not sore about.

    All the best.
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  15. I’ve heard it could be a hydration issue. My eyes never get red anymore but when I was younger I used eye drops called Rhotos. Could find them in CVS, more expensive than visene and give your eyes a tingling feeling at first. I swore by the green box color (think there’s also blue and something else)

    Good luck with the husband first, and your eyes second.
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  16. Probably allergies.
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    "Advice: the smallest denomination of currency. When you ask for a loan, people will always give you advice." -- Ambrose Bierce.

    That said, here's my two cents worth:

    I think your eye problem is from something other than the marijuana. From what you've described, it doesn't even seem to be a mitigating factor. The fact that you're not irritated when using it makes me think that's not the issue. The fact that you're consistently having the problem at work makes it sound like it's an environmental issue. If you work in an air conditioned environment that could well be the culprit.

    Our eyes take a beating from particulate matter like dust and smoke not to mention humidity or the lack of it all our lives, and on top of it all somewhere between the age of 50 and 60 the eyes start losing some of their ability to properly lubricate our eyeballs. A big part of that is caused by deterioration of the tear ducts, but this in turn allows for the build up of lipids on the eye, which feel sort of oily and contributes to a feeling of dryness and irritation. I'm repeating things I've heard my wife's eye doctor say to her over the last few years, btw. She has eye issues that were untreatable when she was a kid but are now treatable, so we've spent a lot of time at the doctor's office learning about this stuff.

    Eyedrops like Visine are good for getting the red out of eyes but they aren't really designed to soothe irritation. Saline solution is a better bet for flushing irritants out and rehydrating the eyes. If you need to get the red out, just use Visine after you've done what you can to flush and rehydrate your baby blues (or browns or whatever. lol)

    Good luck with your eye issues. I won't presume to tell you anything about your relationship except to say my wife doesn't smoke, I do, and after forty five years of knowing each other, it hasn't seemed to make much of a difference. ;)

    Added in edit: sorry about reversing the gender of you and your husband in the post above. Brain fart! :oops:
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