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Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by LinolnOsiris420, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. Hey a old dealer of mine just texted me saying he has some red drank? im guessing this is similar to purple drank. He said the prices were 25 for a line and 400 for a pint. Can someone explain to me what hes talking about? and are these prices worth it?
  2. most likely liquid hydro, i know when i mixed mine it was red. but when i mix promethazine/codeine its more pinkish purple. hope that helps
  3. I have some liquid codeine elixr that is red. Also, I have liquid roxicet. You could call these red drank. Not sure though.
  4. yeah its problly hydrocodon
  5. wtf is a line of drank? lol
  6. But yeah the red drank is legit shit if it's liquid oxy/roxicet or whatever. I'm maxing out the dose at 4000 APAP with my red drank cause I haven't done painkillers in a week.

    1/10th of the dose and I'm already sinking. Have fun bro.
  7. lol wtf oxy drank is dumb, give me a straight roxie/oxycotton and im set i dont want to bother drinking some shit with apap
  8. A lot of roxies/oxys have APAP in them too.

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