Red Dead Redemption

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  1. Any one else have this game? I love it, I'm a big fan of GTA games so I knew I would get into this easily. I finished the story last year and started a new one yesterday when I was baked, it was legit.
  2. To be honest, I had more fun watching gameplay videos on youtube than actually playing the game. Multiplayer, that is.

    The story mode is phenomenal.
  3. i think the single player side of it was better than the GTA franchise. what a great game
  4. I thought Red Dead was great. They really captured the spirit of the American West in that game.
  5. i miss this game. i traded it back for credit a long long time ago. i do miss it no doubt. was very fun.

    hopefully they add onto this series
  6. loved it when it came out. Played nonstop. Tried to start a new game a month ago, got bored after about 2 hours.
  7. Me and my little sister got this game for xmas. We beat it before january was over. It was awesome, but was over too quick for two girls with no social lives.

  8. this! it was a great game, great story, but i feel it had just lacked a little in length or some thing. it did keep me busy for a little while though

  9. I dunno sometimes I could just hunt bears and shit for like hours on end, or gamble all my money away lol. I get a lot of enjoyment out of these sandbox style games
  10. online kicks ass! I recently just started playing it again and there's actually quite a few people who still play the multiplayer.. I don't think I can ever get tired of liars dice and poker hahah
  11. Great game, it's a shame there is no PC version. I'd re-purchase it.
  12. [quote name='"l Palm trees l"']Great game, it's a shame there is no PC version. I'd re-purchase it.[/quote]

    This. I'd love to see the game with some graphics mods an some forced FXAA injectors
  13. I was immersed in this game for forever. Had to sell it for utility money when things were getting tough, but I plan on getting it again soon, WITH the Undead pack finally.

    I didn't play multiplayer until months after beating the single-player to death, but I was a big fan of it.
  14. Has anyone on multi-player come across a posse called the LOCO_KILLER's? (PS3)
  15. Love this game, single player that is. The people I've encountered online are complete pricks. Always killing teammates and shit, bunch of 13 year olds..

    Got Undead Nightmare recently and beat it in a day, it was repetitive, but so much fun.
  16. I stopped playing this game when i became john marstons son. That kid is a gigantic pussy
  17. I enjoyed the game ive beat the game twice so far took a long break from the game very long then recently started a new game i highly recommend the game if you haven't played it yet.

  18. xbox or ps3? do people still play this game online. i really want to buy it again because its probly cheap but the online was so much fun if there isnt anyone on it i might try n wait it out.

    supposed to be a red dead 2 in the makes right
  19. Speaking of online, I absolutely loved the shootouts before games started

    I used to run away from them and hide behind boxes and shit and piss everyone off
  20. hahahahahahahhahahahaahhaa

    how could i have forgot about those shootouts. so much fun.

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