Red dawn in real life

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  1. So if for some reason tommorow North Koreans started parachuting into our country how many would fight? I know I would grab my gun and start blasting

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  2. Good for you. The query shud be how effective is an armed civilian population against any national military force.
  3. if history is an indicator about 3%. as a country we apparently like to sit and wait for simeone else to cover it
  4. So I take it they will ride those missiles they have and then parachute in? It's that or swim, climb a mountain, jump off and then pop that chute.
  5. Its the perfect time for them to mount an assault on our divided country. We'd be more interested in fighting each other than actually attacking a real enemy.
  6. its wirking for the Afghans
  7. Well most groups fighting in Syria started out as civilians just forming small groups to defend themselves against the regime and Daesh and considering how Daesh is pretty much destroyed when they had the most funding and training and the fact that the Regime needs help from other countries shows that they can be quite effective when they're organised. But looking at how things are going over there in the U.S. I doubt the people would come together and get organised
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  8. There are infinite variables to how effective a civilian population would be. In a no holds barred conflict , I would think that firepower would be a deciding factor and the consideration if any given toward sparing civilians. With an organized military invasion force with air superiority, heavy weapons etc, our fighting civilians will need something more than small arms.
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  9. dont let msinstream news mislead you about American resolve
  10. I don't doubt that the Americans could do it, don't get me wrong, but I can only comment based on what I've heard. But I am also weary of news because I know most of the time they take something and make it seems 100x bigger
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  11. All of that does matter, but I think that tactics as well as the fact that it's in a place that they would know much better than the North Koreans would is also quite important, and the troops in North Korea I'm also quite sure aren't very healthy because of the problems they have their so for them to fight would be more difficult. And I also think that because there's obviously people in America that have experienced combat within the last few years and most of the recruits in the North Korean military have probably never seen combat before would also play an important role because someone who has experience in combat would most likely fair better in it
  12. Lets try not to blame the media for any lack of American resolve. What I do see is Americans becoming more selfish. Before, it was almost a right of passage for a young person to serve at least 2 years in one of the services. Today, most Americans have no skin in the game. Let the other guy go in harms way for his country. They want to go shopping instead..
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  13. hence 3% and they will likely come from an older group thats out grown the selfishness. i grew up on the sixties where it really took off i think the media would like to say we have no resolve but i think their days of influence are over
  14. I don't understand. What 3%? Got over what?
  15. american revolution only 3% would actually fight i meant out grow or get over the self centrredness

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