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  1.  Tis the season the Red Cross bell ringers are out in full force. I'm not much of a holidays type guy so that might be the reason these people bring me zero joy. They actually make me mad inside when I cross their paths. Maybe its from the awkward presence they radiate, the ear piercing bell they cheerfully ring or my inner scrooge coming to life.
     Does anyone here put $$$ into the kettle? I use to when I was a young whipper snapper but not anymore.

  2. I've never put any money in them, but I have rung a few (females) bells. ;(
  3. I would be more inclined to donate if they just stood there all silent and polite, instead of droning that bell and asking me to.
  4. Did till I realized how little actually went to helping people.
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  6. We're supposed to believe anything Chris Hanson says? [​IMG]
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    My son was on probation and the salvation army subcontracted the probation services from the county where he was busted. 
    I took him to see his PO, and she and all the other people that worked in that office were the biggest assholes I've ever met.
    They seemed to get some sort of perverse joy out of fucking with the people that were on probation...I suppose they looked at them as sinners, and they, the workers, all were salvation army members.....fuck those assholes....
    Interesting perspective.
  9. I have to add that my son was on probation for DUI, not theft or assault, or burglary and he's a clean cut respectful person. 
    That's why it pissed me off the way Salvation Army treated him...
    This was in Marion County, Florida...I'm sure they still run the probation services there....
    LOL @ DUI and getting treated like a criminal. When I was young I DWI several nights a week, every week, for years on end. They would think I'm worse than a child molester or something.
  11. SA hates queer folks, so I don't donate.
    I did occasionally before I knew that though.
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    I used to because they helped my grandparents out quite a bit when my mother was a kid and her dad couldn't find work. Recently I found out how cult-like their organization was. Cults are a big turn off.
    Edit: thought this thread was about Salvation army. Oops
  13. This exactly. They were talking about it on the Joe rogan experience a couple weeks ago, and they said how much the Salvation Army actually uses for the purpose they say they are using it for. I don't remember the percentage but it was shockingly low. You are basically just paying for the person to stand there and ring their bell, and that's it.
  14. Exactly why I provided a source ;)
  15. Morally you're on par with a chimo that hasn't fucked up anyone's life yet. If you were to get in a wreck and kill some three year olds parents then ya you'd be child molester status.
  16. Agreed. I think anybody who DUIs is an arse. 

    Anywho. I don't support or shop at Salvation, because of what somebody else said. About their stance against the LGBT community.
  17. I heard that The United Way was the best charity to donate money to.
  18. If you donate, donate your time not your money IMO.

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