Red color in buds

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Ice Goddess, Dec 30, 2009.

  1. Sorry no close up pictures to help visualize, but I will do the best I can at explaining what is seen. The plants are from some great bagseed that helped relieve chronic backpain. The plants just entered week five in flowering and when you look closely (magnifing glass not needed) at the pistils and the forming buds you can see these little red things in the bud. These are not bugs, but it looks to be the actual color of some of the bud although a majority is green. All the pistils are healthy white and the buds are tiny so it is hard to tell. Does anyone have any idea what these red things mean (i.e. species).
  2. Can't tell just from your descrip, but know that red color in buds can be very normal.
  3. In case anyone was searching for a similar problem I wanted to update what the red color was. The strain the spots were seen on began having red stems a few weeks into 12-12. As the buds became bigger I was able to see that the red was actually the red color of various parts of the bud (bud leafs etc). Nothing to worry about.:hello:
  4. What strain are ya growin' my friend?
  5. Just some killer bagseed. Wish we knew. We are hoping to add some pics of buds once they are cured to see if anyone can identify.
  6. Make sure you take and save cuttings!

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