Red Chronic?? what is it and how can i get some seeds?

Discussion in 'General' started by low420, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. i just saw an image of a picture called red chronic and wanted to know where i can get some seeds and what was it? is this new or am i just lame lol thanks guys!
  2. nothing? maybe if i post the pics that i saw you guys can help me out

  3. maybe its a purple strain... try google.
  4. fuck that looks sooooooooooooo good
  5. If you've seen How High, you've heard about Ivory. Rare strains like these aren't seeds you can simply buy online.
  6. Wow... I don't where to get these at but shit, I WANT SOME!!!!!!!!!
  7. Here are the names and genetics of some red strains.

    Red Congolese (Reeferman) Congolese Sativa X [Mexican X Afghani]
    Red Devil (Greenhouse) Afghani X Afghani Skunk
    Red Haze (???) Neville’s Haze X Panama Red
    Red Horse (Goodhouse) [Jack Herer X Top 44] X KGB
    Red Widow 13 (Dman) [G13 X Black Widow] X Panama Red
  8. wow thanks for the info now to find where to get these seeds at lol
  9. Ah, Panama Red...
  10. I'd be scared to smoke that weed it looks so good.

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