Red Bull gives you wings.....not

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    Red Bull is being sued for false advertising by saying that Red Bull gives you wings on their cans.
    If you had a Red Bull within the past 12 years you can sign up for a mass lawsuit.
    You can choose to have them send you 2 free Red Bull's or a $10 check. 
    The settlement will be mailed out in 2015.
    Here is the link to sign up.
    Hey, I know it's just $10 but free is free.

  2. Thank you sir or madam... I filled out the paperwork for the naked juice class action because it claims to be healthy and natural but it's not.

    It was supposed to be $45 But they said I messed up the paperwork, which I didn't... greedy bastards
  3. I got a check from Naked Juice for 95 cents...
  4. Haha classic... You know a couple lawyers got rich though.

    Good for them.
  5. The website looks so sketchy, I wouldn't input my info on there...
  6. That's not even a fuckin' webpage...It is a 'Under construction' page.
    I'm callin' for a review on the play...Mods?!  Mooddddssss!!  This man is cheating!! :cool:
  7. The website belongs to garden city group. They are the legal administrators for all sorts of legal claims.
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    All I get is links for sales sites, after clicking the topics.
    Ahh I see now, Your link has been compromised. It starts with a "fuck your link" and sends you to a fake site.
    Removing now. :smoke:
    Edited to add: Once you clear your cookies etc, you can go to the page but no settlement info is there (yet?).
    Here is some more info;
    To receive a $10 cash payment or $15 in Red Bull products, you have to submit a claim form, or call 877-495-1568 and ask that it be sent to you by mail. No proof of purchase is necessary to receive payment.
    There are four ways to submit a filled-out form:
    • Online at (filed online by no later than March 2, 2015)
    • By email to the Class Action Settlement Administrator at (by no later than March 2, 2015)
    • By fax to the Class Action Settlement Administrator at 844-553-1373 (by no later than March 2, 2015)
    • By mail to the Class Action Settlement Administrator at Energy Drink Settlement, c/o GCG, P.O. Box 35123, Seattle, WA 98124-5123 (postmarked no later than March 2, 2015)
    There will be a hearing on May 1, 2015 to decide whether the settlement will be approved by the court. The money and products will be distributed within 150 days if the settlement approved.
  9. Well I know where my next 10 sack is coming from.
  10. \tClaim FormThe site is experiencing a high volume of traffic. If you have received this message, please return to file your claim at a later time. The claim form deadline isMarch 2, 2015.
    \n\n\n\nOh God damn, everyone's trying to get the $10. Fuckers! I want mine too. I was drinking red bulls religiously for a couple semesters.
  11. I did this a while back ago, just waiting for my drinks to show up.
  12. It's kind of funny you're saying "you scammed me out of my money with false advertising, now shut up and send me more product"
  13. the link just give me 404
  14. I'd feel bad for making them do that. If it weren't for Red Bull, I wouldn't be able to get out of bed in the mornings.
    Well, Red Bull on top of Monster and good ol' fashioned coffee. And I guess Rockstar Lemonade deserves an honorable mention. 
    My original point still stands.
  15. :laughing: thats fucked up.. such a dumb thing to be sued over... false advertisement i guess but really?... really?? lol dont they sponsor dudes that fly in those wing suit things? i bet they supply the suit...
  16. only thing it gives me is the shits
  17. I hope someone mutates a pair of wings just so red bull can go 'told you fools'
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    I'm asking for the drinks I spent like five hundred a month on redbulls in 2007 in Los Angeles.
  19. That's fucked up redbull sponsors a lot of legit athletes. Think of how many millions, literally, of people that are going to see and do this.

    $10X just 500,000 people doing this adds up to $5,000,000 shelled out to greedy, lazy people who have been and will continue to drink any free redbull they are offered at an event.

    Did anyone know that redbull spends over $200,000 annually supporting the worlds leading energy renewal project, Synergy?

    Did you know that redbull actively has a charity they operate that feeds and clothes children that have suffers from war torn nations.

    On top of the 15,000+ videos on YouTube and the over 150,000,000 total views redbull has. I think everyone cashing needs to reconsider what the concept of hard work and accomplishment means.


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