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red bull and weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by KushSmokaa, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. just curious if i chugged a can of redbull then smoked a joint will it have some fun effects? i mean redbull doesnt make me like go off the walls but if i drank it fast would i get a little hyper? maybe a hyper high?
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  2. You do with the Red Bull Cola, but that also had Coca leafs in it.
  3. Two things that raise yer heart rate used at the same time? I dunno man, doesn't sound good for you. Yer not gonna die, just don't do it too often. Energy drinks are terrible for you.
  4. i don't see anything bad happening. if you had bud that was sativa dom then you'd maybe be much more energetic than usual but if you had bud that was indica dom then you'd prob not notice much different, just a more level high. theres nothing bad about it but i wouldn't suggest drinking energy drinks to begin with, they're pretty bad for you. enjoy tho dude :smoke:
  5. ya dude i dont drink energy drinks, just thought about this
  6. nah bro, nothing would really happen. You need atleast 250mgs or caffeine to be 'intoxicated' and a red bull has 80? But go ahead and try it and tell us if anything happens, just dont do it too often. Energy drinks are shit for your health.
  7. Yo im addicted to monster energy drinks and i smoke with themm and i think its fun but very unhealthy. if your younger than 30 tho who cares!!!
  8. Haha I hate energy drinks, they taste like shit in my opinion. On the other hand, I fucking love Arizona Iced Teas.
  9. Don't do it!

    I drank 2 energy drinks and smoked a lot of weed one night, and by the time the night was over my heart was beating like crazy and I thought I was gonna die. NOT FUN
  10. i highly suggest you visit my 99 cent arizona thread.

    i never drink energy drinks the only one that taste ok is redbull but there really just over priced
  11. redbull and voka> redbull and weed
  12. Wake and Bake with a cup of coffee, awesome buzz to start the day.

  13. lmao this:p

    But i usually drink a redbull and smoke a few bowls in the morning and i dont feel anything extra really. Maybe just my mind just working more?
  14. All the health reports I read related to energy drinks all summed up, all pretty much said the same thing: if you drink them with alcohol, you don't feel as drunk, and are more likely to drive, and they have the same amount of caffeine as coffee, the difference is, people drink energy drinks faster than they drink coffee.

    am I missing something?

    I do energy drinks and pot occasionally, though usually monster.
  15. I dunno man. It's up to you, you probably won't notice a major effect, apart from being more awake. The best experience of mixing an upper with a downer I've had was taking a little bit of MDMA and then blazing later. Felt really great, but obviously not at all tired haha.

    We also used to get high and drink vodka mixed with energy drinks. Would get us pretty fucked up hahaha.
  16. I'd pay for Red Bull over MDMA any day

    Mixing the two gives you a nice buzz for sure! It won't do anything to you either as you most likely won't be running around while smoking pot which means your heart rate should be fine as long as you don't have a heart condition. See the problem with energy drinks is when you use them as a crutch and you start exerting your body to unhealthy limits. While you are smoking pot your heart rate will increase and so will your ability to absorb oxygen into your blood stream - as you drink caffeine you will start to produce more adrenaline and fight the effects of sleep your heart rate will increase too but it won't be beating out of your chest or anything.

    *But it might
    * Energy drinks are unhealthy but nothing compared to ingesting other illegal drugs.

  17. :confused:
  18. #18 KushSmokaa, Feb 17, 2011
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  19. vodka and weed>redbull and vodka>redbull and weed
  20. Coffee > Redbull

    No better morning. :smoke:


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