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  1. Could i use this [ame=] High Power Par38 Standard Screw Base Hydroponic 32 Red +32 Blue SMD LED Grow Light, 85 to 265 Volt, 1313MX: Patio, Lawn & Garden[/ame]

    for one small plant for the flowering stage?
  2. You could give it a try..............and post your results. LED's are new territory, everyone would like them to be successful so they could reduce their heat output and electricty consumption. While vegging under led's folks have had good results, but it is generally accepted that they are not the best for flowering............hps is the standard. This is just my understanding..........I have no led experince. good luck.
    peace B

  3. Generally accepted.... by people who have never used LEDs... Never fails to amaze me at the useless information put out by know-nothings as 'generally accepted' (not specifically you, Bud)... no proof or logic behind any of it except the most basic ill conceived reasoning and usually not even that.... Some people must be growing weed thru shear dumb luck...

  4. Oh snap. That burn had to hurt.

    I can't imagine how if LEDs work for growing they wouldnt work for flowering. I thought the general idea behind LEDs is a light that has an exact nm (lambda?) instead of the range put out by traditional lights.
  5. The problem most LED growers run into is a poor VPD (Vapour Pressure Deficit).

    I don't think I've ever seen an all LED grow with a decent VPD, including my own. You need the heat of HID or CFLs to create a good VPD, so your plants can breathe... Plants will seem to veg ok in a poor VPD, but growth is slowed down. Flowering will produce only the most meager buds... has nothing to do with the light, it's just the plant can't breathe. Mix in some CFLs or T5HOs and their heat will improve your VPD and you'll get rock hard jungle buds...


  6. Hi , im new here, and maybe i could help you with leds... i have try with a 90 watt red + blue + orange, tri-band spectrum chinese led. The best working led now have 3 watt x led, and this model have 1 watt x led.
    Yes, will work. It's perfect for Vegetation, ultra rapid grow.. for flowering , this economic led will work,but with poor results. ( very small flower.)

    You can switch to a little bit powerful led, or a little hps system only for flower.( 150- 250 watt) You can also try flowring with leds and CFL bulbs, but for flowering it still best hps. The professional led today are too expensive
    , we wait a couple of years..Nasa is using for growing plants on Space!! :p

    Hope will Help!
    Sorry for my english, im try to learn at school right now.:eek:
  7. It is generally accepted by a lot of people not just know nothings. I would like to try LED's but no one has yet to show any proof that these can match up with a HPS gram for gram. If you have proof I would love to see because I'm interested in LED myself it just seems there is much more advancement to be made before switching 2-3k watts over.
  8. Yes, there does need to be a lot of improvement before LEDs are commerical viable. LEDs alone will never grow great bud.. good bud, yeah, but not rock hard nugs. And that's because any heat generated by the LEDs doesn't fall on the canopy, it's vented above the lights. This is bad for your VPD. For growing solid fat buds, you want a VPD of .5-.9 Kpa. You can figure out your VPD here VPD Calculator

    If your VPD is in that range, you can grow killer bud with any light...

  9. Thnx for the solid info. If you have seen someone mixing HPS and LED link me the guide also because I'm curious about that expecially with the new info u have brought to my attention.
  10. Hey I'm trying to calculate the VPD but I don't know what the RH is? I thought it was room humidity and I punched in 51% but that brought up an absurdly high 19 KPA. Can you help me out?:confused_2:
  11. Did you put in celcius or farenheit? Other than that I know humidity and relative humidity aren't exactly the same.

  12. You need to raise your RH... Get it up around 80-90% range....

  13. I'm not sure I understand VPD. I had my humidity at 60-70% and was having moisture problems.
    Everywhere I have read says to keep it in the 50-60 range.

    Could you please give an in depth explanation of what exactly VPD is, what role it plays, how the right level is accomplished etc.
    It would really help a lot of people I'm sure.

  14. Check out VPD paper at Ohio State


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