red and blue led lights at the same time???

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  1. ok as a first time grower, im currently growing a 4 plants, one is bigger than the other three. ive recently went to lowes to get a lighting system. i got the utilitech 3000k led light for flowering and 5000k for vegging. i have read multiple forums about this issue and im not sure whether to use the 6500k for vegging or not. there are so many mixed opinions. my grow box is 3fx2f completely covered with aluminum foil and has a vent with a fan attached to cycle air throughout. my question is ive seen pictures where they have one light that has both blue and red lights on it shining at the same time, can i use both lights at the same time for faster growth? and these lights are bulbs...not long led lights. they dont look like incandescent bulbs. also is it specific to use 2700k exactly? any help is appreciated.
    for a preview of the two lights-

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  2. You can never get enough lumens matter where they come from, use both red encourages vertical growth and blue horizontal growth
  3. but wont this confuse the plants when you actually do introduce the 6700K blue spectrum? im gonna experiment to come to my own conclusion. but still if people know that this is gonna work why is it not standard?
  4. Man you need to read up in lighting

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  5. i have read hours and hours and hours on lighting. lol i couldn't find anything definite saying that it was viable except for one guy. lol
  6. I've messed up and caused clones to start flowering (under the wrong lighting), sooo I'm curious if both will work as well.  Especially for UFO's with 7:1:1 ratios.  Could you Veg them under under 24/7, then get the same great results by throwing the switch to 12/12? (Same light)
  7. You should check out the thread I opened yesterday it has very good site on the types of light. Or I should say information on light spectrum

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