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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by HelplessStoner, Jul 12, 2017.

  1. Okay, so I need absolute seriousness, I have a dipstick pee test tomorrow and of course I just had to smoke. I smoked three days ago. For the past two days I have been loading myself with cranberry pills. The pills are 4200mg. Ive been downing water and today I had to walk for a pretty long time up and down hills in the heat. My first concern is that I may have burned fat cells way too close to my drug test completely screwing me. I'm 5'11" and I am 140 pounds and I'm pretty skinny. I've also been drinking pickle juice because I've heard of that working and Im about to drink some vinegar. I also have garlic pills and I've been loading up with those as well. Buying detox kits is not an option because I am actually broke right now. I have the rest of tonight and some of tomorrow to finish detoxing. You guys see how desperate I am to pass. I am willing to try anything, nothing is too wild for me lol. This test is for probation and if I pass, I get to have my charge taken off of my record. If I fail, I am on for six more months and my mom will eat me alive. I will also not be invited to my family's vacation to Maine. PLEASE HELP
  2. I smoke pretty daily, which is why Im so nervous. This is my first serious drug test where Im actually scared that I might not pass.
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  3. You should be fine. You've got two options to be sure either synthetic pee or the safest way is if there's a sink but some warm water in the cup then pee a little into it just to change the color
  4. You're going to need inpatient drug rehab after you get out of detox.
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  5. Ahh , but the guy stands in the bathroom while im pissing! Will aspirin work for the dipstick tests??
  6. Inpatient rehab for some weed? I didnt mean detox as in like detoxing hard drugs out of my system. I mean clearing thc out of my body,
  7. He's basically calling you stupid for smoking 3 days before a piss test WITH a dude that watches. You've dug yourself a grave, now you have to lie in it the way I see. Synthetic ursine would work but you're probably fucked if you're watched.
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  9. Will aspirin work for a dipstick?
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  10. In my state I don't think supervision is allowed from employment tests. Most everything you have done is really for not. I would do some reading on the use of surejel (pectin). Go to RIU and search out someone whose name is qwizoking.
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  11. Say your pee shy either way it's about a 50/50 chance
  12. Shit I forgot do some research on niacin you can buy it at rite aid I'm pretty sure take that and a couple vitamin b pills
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  13. yea I was thinking of running to rite aid for some niacin tomorrow. thank you for being the only helpful person on this thread so far.
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  14. There are no helpful for the helpless, helpless stoner.
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  15. No problem I have had to do home drug tests for my parents but I hope you pass give us an update after words follow the instructions on this link. Niacin to Pass Drug Test
  16. I'll make sure to let you know when I pass :)
  17. Then you failed to read my post, but I too am interested in the niacin.
  18. I just read how you are skinny so you'll be fine THC sticks to fat cells
  19. I've heard Certo is available only at Walmart, and there is not one of those close to me. I can always try the local grocery store and if they have it, I'll definitely get some instead of niacin because ive heard the certo method works best
  20. Yea, thats what I'm hoping, haha. Im just gonna continue to cleanse the fuck out of myself to be sure though.

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