Red Alert All Your Privacy Is Gone

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  1. holy shit... what a scary time we live in. We have no privacy anymore, with all the technology we have today they could potentially have the ability to listen to any conversation anywhere.
  2. This isn't a big shock. Whatever the governemtn does now shouldn't be surprising anymore. They're probably putting a GPS in our food and feeding it to us.
  3. They said that Verizon has taken all the information about the calls except what was said in the conversation. "At least not yet". That is messed up. If verizon starts recording our phone calls then we are screwed. I can understand the CIA anf FBI wanting in on some calls because of terrorist threats. But all that info is not good. Now I will have to switch service providers. Oh, and I have to get a tattoo of "f- verizon" on my ass and send them a pic....
  4. Definitely switching, later Verizon.
    Maybe just not getting a smartphone at all sounds like a good idea.
  5. old old old news on the ease dropping by the feds...I knew about it back in '82 (military).
    If it is broadcast over wire or radio, DC has someone listening in on it, be it a living thing or a computer.
  6. The thing I find most perplexing:
    everyone should have at least know the Patriot Act authorized all of this.
    Now that people find out that they actually have implemented and are USING this program, they're outraged.
    No, you should have been outraged when it first came up, was renewed, and was renewed again.
    Switching carriers won't do a damn thing. They're all in on it.
    People really need to stop thinking every new electronic gadget is purely for their amusement, entertainment, and "being informed."
    Electronic tracking devices. Carry at your own peril.
    I don't think they track/listen in on calls from 7-11 trap phones. I thought that was the whole point of dealers having cheap phones used only for those things, so that non of that shit is traced to their real phone. I am just assuming though, I can't say it's fact.
    And I agree with this post. The patriot Act started in like 01 and people are just know realizing that Big brother is watching them. There was a case where a utilities company I think sued the government because they were tracking their calls and what not for no real reason. People have to start realizing that their privacy has been gone, since around the time of Britney Spears and other simple things in life.
  8. The meta data, for now, they are claiming, is just a list of calls and times. They can store SO much of that text-based data that they are just keeping it all. Once you introduce call packets, the data gets a little more robust and takes more space to store.
    They also mentioned internet records and other call carriers being involved.
    Most of the pay as you go phones are on the backbones of the big carriers, so yeah, those would be included as well.
    Just assume if its electronic, there is no privacy any longer.
  9. I also can't help but think of local things they are doing now to put everyone potentially "at the scene of the crime."
    The police cruisers around here, for example, now have license plate scanners that scan your plate as they drive by.
    It's all about putting you "at the scene of the crime" and then filling in the blanks later on. Between online, and the real-time cameras, homeland secuirty watch towers, plate scanners, drones, etc, privacy is on its last legs.
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    This is reason #24325646 that I want to move to Canada after I graduate from college.
  11. Who do you think is looking to control cannabis? England allowed big pharma to make their cannabis meds legally. The Queen's land ain't no different across that magical border. Ask Mark Emery.
  12. Damn.... I just wanna leave the US reallyyy bad. There are way too many things about this place that I can't stand.
  13. Gloabalism is what you cannot stand. Our Constitution is being replaced, as is the Constitution of many countries under this corporate globalist fascism that is the U.N. etc. The same things are happening the world over. Moving is not the answer, as you'll find much the same wherever you go, being the same people pull the strings.
  14. Fuck these huge facist countries, im gonna move to jamaica or new zealand.

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  15. I feel lucky I live in the uk and thanks for all the coments
    so if they recorded very web page you go on (ip address)
    so if you get raddided in the usa for growing weed
    They could pull up every picture, post  and know when you joined the site
    they would get a realy good ideal of the crops you have done and level of skill you have at growing 
    may only do this on big grow op but still a worry
  16. Did this pass yet?
    Same shit as the U.S.
  17. Still don't look good for Putin, once his wife's lawyers have finished with him...privacy you say? shit boys you behind the times.....Big
  18. Lol doesn't the uk have a camera on every street corner?
    and i don't see why people are being so paranoid. if they wanna look at pics of my dick and some tit pics, be my guest. i don't have jack shit to hide from anyone.

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