Recyclers For Flower?

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  1. So I thought I'd seen a thread for this a while ago but I searched for it and couldn't find it, sorry if I'm being redundant. So I'm about to move out to college next year and I don't wanna take my current piece with me because I'm scared to break it so I'm looking to get a piece that's good for flower and oil that I could use every day and not waste too much bud taking ridiculously big hits. Also, I really like the taste of weed so even when I smoke flower I prefer smaller pieces without too much filtration. My lhs has a bunch of nice recyclers that just came in very reasonably priced in all sorts of different sizes, so I was planning on getting one but I wasn't sure how good it would hit for flower. Unfortunately none of my friends have recyclers so I wouldn't get to hit one and find out for myself so anyone with firsthand experience wanna help me out? 

  2. i dont think to many recyclers r meant for flowers bro. they usualy give good taste for oils because they pop the bubblers right by your mouth might b harsher for flowers. but that jus my opion on what i read online havent tried a recycler so  cant say for certain bro
  3. If its a smaller type recycler like an SG or the tiny scalloped Contrabasso's then it'll probably be a little to harsh for buds and will get dirty quick as fuck.  On the other hand Hamm, Contrabasso, Micah Evans, Mothership, and many others offer a recycler type tube with a little more volume that would make them better flower pieces 

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