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Recurring image?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by JRR Tokin', Jun 9, 2006.

  1. Sometimes, when i'm really stoned (you know, so stoned i can't be bothered to move at all), i get this image that keeps flashing up in my eyes when i close them, and sometimes even when i dont. It's always been the same image, of this like tile pattern thing. It's really scary, i hate it! I cant get it to go away, there's nothing i can do.. Makes me feel really scared for some reason..

    Do any of you get this?
  2. I never get that. :\
  3. never happened to me :D
  4. Sounds like it's mental, bro.
  5. i know what you mean, if its the same thing that i get some times.. is it just random colours in like tiles??
  6. Dude totally. I get the same thing. The images seem familiar, but I can't put my finger on what they are. I enjoy them.
  7. Same here i get that every single time im really baked -- for some reason i remember it being from super mario know how you had to jump and hit the block tiles with marios head?...yeah...
  8. Wow, I've never told any of my buddies that that happens to me, just on general principle. but yeah, it reminds me of something I experienced when I was a child, even though it's just yellow tiles with black borders.
  9. Visualizations anyone? Youre not supposed to be scared of those, you're supposed to love them.
  10. For quite a while, whenever I smoked and closed my eyes I would keep seeing this pattern that was like George Washington and a $ symbol, kind of like the center of a dollar bill. Hasn't happened in a while.
  11. Im in the same boat as this fine gentleman.
  12. Me too. Intricate color tiles. Usually they happen when I close my eyes, but sometimes they just go over whatever im looking at.
  13. Probably occurs when you're in a deep thought.

    It's like staring at a light for a long time and then closing your eyes.
  14. woow, glad to see im not the only one who gets those..its like there's patters in front of your field of vision, or like the air has substance (cant really exlain it well) i enjoy it though, it doesnt scare me
  15. I alway see the same closed-eye visuals when in really baked. A square blocks up most of the "field of view", flashing almost slideshow-like frames of random colors and vivid 2-D objects.
  16. i see a lot of different things depending on the different levels of high that i am at the time. once i could have sworn i could have seen rat heads repeatedly making bite movements. like imagine a triangle with ears splitting over and over and over. sometimes i have sensations in my body to accompany the visuals.
  17. Exactly! The images are really familiar, but i cant place them...

    Sometimes, when i get them, i nearly figure out what they are, but not quite. Like its on the tip of my tongue..

    I'm glad so many of you know what i'm talking about.

    I'll just try and enjoy them next time!

  18. Never happened to me. I know plenty of people it happens to, but that is due to the fact they have done heavy amounts of acid over the years :smoking: .
  19. Lol, nah i've never done acid.

  20. You Must Be Smoking Some Acid Laced Shit Because Bud Doesnt Do That Bro

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