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  1. Ok so I have this one dream that I almost always have when I have to wake up early in the morning.

    This is how it goes, I walk into a supermarket lay my head down on the floor and fall asleep. While I'm sleeping, it's like I have an out of body experience, I can see the people walking by me and see myself fast asleep, then when I feel the time is right I wake up in the dream. Walk directly to my vehicle and right when I turn the ignition, I wake up, when I have this dream I always wake up right on time without the need of an alarm clock.

    Kinda odd dream isn't it, I wonder if there is a underlying meaning to this dream.
  2. I dunno, but I have had dreams that I had forgotten about until I have them again. I mean dreams that I had as a child, resurfacing as an adult.

    Its a trip that these dreams continue from where they left off sometimes. Othertimes the dream will just repeat like yours did. Dreams are a trip.
  3. i have dreams of me wandering aimlessly around my old highschool
  4. Can't you get a synthetic version of the chemical that releases that makes you dream?
  5. Isn't it the human adreno gland in your brain?

    The stuff that the guys from Fear and Loathing took, it seemed pretty intense.
  6. ya melatonin i take it every night for a restfull sleep
  7. meletonin is the body's natural chemical that puts you to sleep, it doesn't cause you to dream, just sleep.

    i used to have this insane dream all the time when i was little
    i would be in my old dance studio, and my teacher was this giant spiderperson scary thing, she had light blue skin, huge scary eyes, and black shiny hair pulled into a tight bun on the top of her head. she puts me in this giant shoe box (or maybe i was just miniature?) and she would yell at me, "DANCE!!! DANCE!!!"

    so i would be tap dancing as fast as i could, and she would open the top of the box and i could see out, and on every walll there were dozens of the same child dead on the wall, all with greyish blue skin, black hair and yellow shirts. thats really all i can remember, but it was fucking WEIRD!

    i doubt it has meaning besides i might have been a little intimidated by my teacher & thought she was evil hahah
  8. thats a scary dream flowerchild
  9. I'll take a stab at the meaning. The "out of body experience" represents your sleeping state. when you go out to start the car, you are turning on the engine, or turning on your consciousness. It could just be an acknowledgment by your subconscious state of your internal clock and the passing between the subconscious and consciousness.. if that makes any sense.. :D

    I had a couple recurring dreams as a kid. One of them was when I lived at our old house. we had this creepy, low-leveled ceiling basement. In the dream I'd walk down into the basement.. and see this huge shadow, like it was a yeti or something.. running towards me and roaring.. and the door was locked so I couldn't get out.

    Another dream I had was I was being chased through a mall, up and down the escalator and throughout the second floor by Dracula, a clown, chewbacca and a werewolf.. haha.

    I sometimes have recurring dreams now.. but I forget about them.
  10. i used to have a dream every sunday night before work on monday that i was at work on a really shitty job, then i'd wakeup n have to go to work and it gave me the this horrible dread feeling, and usually my dream of what i'd be doin or who i'd be workin with was pretty dead on

    man i hated that job towards the end, never wanna go back, hope i dont have to
  11. It makes total sense, in the dream i'm always really cold and usually wake up in a sweat, I figured it had alot to do with having to wake up at a certain time but I don't understand how my body can do things like this. It's weird to me for some reason.
  12. meatonin gives you trippy dreams try it

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