Rectal THC experiment - LIVE UPDATES

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    MOD NOTE ~ Read at your own pleasure, this is a troll post ~ SIRSOG

    So tonight im going to be trying rectal THC.

    Im gonna make a small amount of canna-oil with about 1.2 grams (eyeballed) of some chronic. I got a childs oral syringe from the local pharmacy. Im thinking the end product will be about 10ml of oil, so it wont be too bad.

    I read some reports on erowid and im almost positive it can be done, and I think I remember a thread about it awhile back but it wasn't satisfying or detailed enough. The reason this isn't in pandoras box is because its a pretty widely accepted route of administration, especially with other drugs, and because im gonna be posting live updates, so I assume its okay to post here.

    The reason? I can't smoke or eat edibles today because im having some teeth pulled. Ill be dosing in about 2 (Edit: wasn't thinking about the time, im going to dose after the apointment, which will be in about an hour from now) hours.

    Please keep the "homo" comments to a minimum, and im already prepared for the onslaught of butt jokes haha

    The dank :cool:

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  2. I thought you were gonna put it up your ass, lmfao.
  3. ^this.

    EDIT: wait... isn't he? :S
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    I am =)
  5. Woah that is extreme imo. I'd go IV 1st.
  6. Is that u in ur sig?

  7. Im 99% positive thats exactly what they are going to do......
  8. I don't think 1.2 grams of brown weed is enough. Let alone how the hell are you gonna heat around 20ml of oil with the weed in it. Without burning the weed, or vaporising the oil cause there is just so little.
  9. Make sure to Document it for scientific purposes. Then Youtube the entire thing and post it here. :laughing:
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    Its a bad pic, but its some dank. Im planning to use more oil, but by the time some evaporates or cooks off, im hoping to have about 10-15ml left.

    Let me clarify, im gonna make my cannaoil with a decent amount of oil in a skillet, then strain the bud and cook a little more until the oil is more concentrated. Should I use less bud maybe? I figured I would lose some in the process so I kinda went up and over
  11. i'm dying over here... there are well over 10 blades just idle on this thread... lol

  12. lol there are guests up in it too, gettin all sorts of people all up in here
  13. why dont you just take a break while you have your teeth done or whatever...

    sounds like you could do with a timeout.....
  14. Dude are going to have to little of oil. I mean im not saying don't try. I'm just saying it does not seem like it would work with such little weed, and such little oil, and the more oil you add to keep the weed from burning, The weaker the oil gets, so the more you have to shoot up your pooper.
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    I meant after the procedure, when I can't really talk or eat or smoke. Im thinking of using less, because ill probably be on some kind of painkiller when they send me home.
  16. I got confused , first I though anally, then I saw eye dropper, then I thought eyes, but that would be dumb. This thread is just DUMB
    God damn, smoke some weed and brush your teeth, dentist will never know.

  17. You have to also understand, when taking things rectally, its reported lower doses will hit you much harder.....It absorbs 100x as quickly as it would in the stomach (ok not 100x, but its faster by a good amount) and who the hell wants to put too much canna-oil up there ass...

    Smart experiementers, start small, and go from there lol
  18. this guys gunna be high as fuuuck.
    just make sure stickin oil up your ass wount harm yourself lol

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