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Rectal marijuana tablets

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by veryfa9gy, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. Hey folks, new to the forums here. I just wanted to share with you a new way to ingest pot. You see, I'm a medical marijuana patient and I need to take my medicine daily. My doctor had recently discovered that some people ingest marijuana through the anus and that the adverse side effects were minimal to non existent. Has anyone else heard of this groundbreaking new discovery?
  2. wtf? I'll pass on that.:p
  3. if u call sticking something up ur ass minimal...... go for it

    id rather smoke a jay seeing how smoking has pretty minimal side effects.:smoke:
  4. obvious troll is obvious
  5. must be popular in san fransisco.
  6. a bunch of gays live there don't they? :smoke::rolleyes:
  7. I still like to smoke but I was just saying. My doctor said there are pills similar to marinol that you can shove up your butt.
  8. Idk man, lol does it get you higher than smoking it?
  9. assuming this is a serious post, why would u not just use edibles??
  10. up the bum hole is way faster. Next best thing to injecting as far as speed goes. I'm pretty sure that is.
  11. kinda gay yo.
  12. whats with all the trollfags around grasscity now??

  13. Blame 4chan and tumblr. Trolling is a new trend.

    I miss the days when trolls put effort into trolling and were highly entertaining.
  14. To be fair, there's nothing gay about taking certain pills rectally. In alot of cases, it has a higher bioavailability, faster absorption, and bypasses first pass metabolism by the liver. Not to mention less side effects that are associated with eating. Like if a cancer patient has a fucked up stomach and cant keep down edibles without throwing up, a rectal THC pill is really the only option assuming they cant smoke either.
  15. my finger is the only thing that goes up my bum
  16. lol, aint shit goin up this bum's bum.

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