Recreational Value in "377 Mylan" Naproxen

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Beautiful Mind, May 31, 2009.

  1. Just wondering, any recreational value in Naproxen Mylan 377?

    The info on this page is kind of making me turn it down, but hey its a drug :rolleyes:
    Naproxen Information from
  2. It is a perscription drug in Canada, and you can buy it OTC in America under the brand name Aleve. No recriational potential, it is just a superior version of advil (In effects, not pharmacologically). It will not get you high, and, like advil will cause ulcers and stomach bleeding with regular consumption. I am sure that said the same thing as I did, and if you didn't get it from the website or from what I just typed
  3. Alright thanks. I have never heard of naproxen
  4. IF you have a headache they work AWESOME.
  5. naproxen is just a stronger pain killer than ibuprofen and tylenol or aspirin. Its what aleve has in it. If you have aches or headaches they DO work far better than ibu or tylenol, so put em in your medicine cabinet.
  6. It potentiates opiates, but like the others said, no rec. value.
  7. You can get insanely high off of them. I wouldn't even take them if I were you. Try selling them on the street.

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