Recreational use from Tylenol w/codeine?

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  1. I just found a bunch of what I believe to be Tylenol with codeine. It's the one pictured below. I was just wondering if there was any recreational value since I hear it has 30mg of codeine however it also has 300mg of acemitophen (sp). If I can dose, how many would you suggest I take. Here is what they look like, I have about 50 that I just found.

  2. Yuck. I guess you could CWE? Maybe? Im sure an expert at it will come along and answer that question.

    Ive taken handfull's of T3's, with an opiate tolarance, and felt a minor buzz. I dont know honestly, I'm sure someone with some exp. will educate us both.
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    Personally I've never needed or wanted to Use Tylenol 3's but a great example of it would be from one of my friends. He (170 lbs approx.) had taken four in two hours (right after Wisdom Teeth surgery)and was decently stoned, no Opiate tolerence whatsoever. If you're serious about popping these, I'd say try out two and smoke some bud. Can't really hurt in my opinion... Also, Smoking bud with this Opiate may get you extremely drowsy or extremely stoned. Can go different ways (refer back to your tolerence).

    Quotes to describe T3's which I found:


    Some related Tylenol Three related quotes I got, really it depends on the person you are...
  4. you can, but hardly, id do vicodin or oxy instead.
  5. im sure he prolly would, but unfortunately thats what hes got lol.

  6. haha I was reading that going wtff? Thank you OneLove. for that information. I think i'm just going to save them for when im withdrawing and when I take them it wil be with the parachute method. Thanks for all the replies
  7. i used to eat mad of those when i was young lol then i grew up to better drugs :p
  8. Eat like 3, smoke a bowl. See how you feel, if you want to do some more, do a CWE on like 6-7. Drink that and you'll feel pretty damn fine. Get some benedryl too, most people get hella itchy.
  9. I used to have a nice supply of T3's.

    For me, I took three and felt a great buzz. Anything above that just made me feel different. Not good or bad, just different. This does not mean that you will experience the same thing though. Experiment!
  10. you'll prolly need to take 6. But do a cold water extraction.
  11. i say extract the good stuff, toss the bad stuff, take the good stuff. be high.:smoking:
  12. I have the same shit. It's safe to take 2 pills if you want to feel nice, taking more will just get you messed up. I took about 5-6 when I was shitfaced..
  13. Cold water extraction man.

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