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  1. What will it take to open recreational store in colorado ?
  2. So....what will the law require to open a pot shop in colorado ? Anyone ? Anyone ? Bueller .....Bueller....?
  3. Is there anyone here or anyone who knows somebody who''s about to or thinking of starting a store in co ?
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    lots of money, lots and lots of can't get loans for pot shops, no legal recourse for investors steers them clear.
    oh, and a legal team, accountants (cpa's)
    google that, I'm sure the laws are available for all parties to kidding...try it...
    oink oink?
  5. No oink here man! Just curious......thinking about opening a shop out there in a couple of years!

    I have deffered adjudication on my record but no conviction and was wondering if that would be a problem.
    No ,I'm definitely not on the other side..( oink! ) and I should have the money I just need some advice from ppl about to open up shop in co!
  6. A few years ago, I looked into opening a fast food place. Ignoring the franchising fee, my partner and I were looking at about $250,000. Mind you, not all of that was going out, but you need to have about $100,000 liquid at all times. That's not a joke, either. At all times, you have to have enough money liquid to cover the worst possible "oh shit" month; wages, rent, bills, and the ability to pay all possible fines.
    Say you had a fire, or got raided by the feds who kick apart your store. You have to be able to pay for cleanup, pay all employee wages and benefits, retain a lawyer, pay fines, and still have enough to keep a roof over your head for several months.
    All of this is after acquiring a building, getting a business license, outfitting your shop, paying the security deposit on utilities (WAY higher than you think if you've never owned your own business), paying your retail license, and buying your product.
    My family owned and operated a trailer park in Colorado for about ten years, and I talked to a lot of folks in the local business owners association.
    Not trying to dissuade you, but the reality can be shocking if you're not ready.
  7. Thanks brother. The voice of reason. All these kids really think its going to be cheap and easy to start up a shop. They are talking 100k liscense fees. You could exspect to need about 500k( do you have a business liscense already, those are exspencive) to start a legitiment store front business. And as posted above all out of your pocket all while taking the risk the dea can take all your assets pot related or not.
    Why would they make it like this. So big pharma can run the whole thing. No thanks. Keep that shit in co.
  8. Well I sure hope it goes smoother than you think..on the other hand I will definitely wait to see how the feds respond ! I'm not gonna invest all my funds into something that could be taken away .
    Thanks again for your thoughts on the matter!!
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    Sadly, this is America at her finest. The system is what it is...capitalism. As soon as it is safe for business, big money interests will invade and monopolize on the market. Big money will pay off lawmakers to insure startup costs/regulations are so huge the "little guy" has no shot. Canada is a good example. Their new MMJ scheme is doing exactly this. Only big money will qualify for what it takes to start a producer/distribution operation. The saddest part is legalization will have been accomplished by the sacrifice of low level smokers and excellent pro pot organizations, not the greedy corporate interests that will rush in to capitalize on the groundwork done by those in the trenches that wont have a shot at making a living off of the newly formed market.
  10. It'll definitely take some $, and keep in mind that there will be multiple licenses (sales, cultivation, production of goods)

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