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  1. High Everyone,

    I'm new here and have been learning a lot. I've just started growing my first plant, and I accidentally sprayed it with too much (3%) hydrogen peroxide. I realized my mistake almost immediately and let water run over the plant in the sink. Then I re-potted it in fresh soil after cleaning the pot out with soap and water.

    Most of the leaves are yellowing, and the growth seems to be slow, if not completely absent, after 1 day. I really hope my girl pulls through.

    This made me think, does anyone have any unusual stories of recovery after severe injury? I've seen some pretty good ones around the net and thought it might be interesting, and encouraging, to hear of some of the more remarkable recoveries among the members of our forum. Please share and thanks so much.
  2. Great thread idea, while I'm a first time grower with no stories, I will be keeping an eye on this thread in the future.

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    Thanks so much. I'm hoping that there are some unusual stories here.

    For example, I was reading on another forum about how a guy threw his plant across the room in a fit of rage, and then he left the un-potted plant in the dumpster for about three days before re-potting it. According to him, it turned out to be one of his better harvests.
  4. welcome to
    Sick Plants and Problems

    its where members may advise other less experienced members on how to correct their plants

    how you fit in I doubt it...maybe post ur demands in the support section ..?

    good luck
  5. Hi all,

    I have a Recovery Story of sorts involving Hydrogen Peroxide and bud mold/rot on my outdoor crop. This was my first crop and it was all growing well .. until late August into September when I discovered mold/rot on one plant ... Removed ithe whole plant as it seemed almost all buds were hit.. then one by one almost all the other plants started getting mold in colas.

    I lost well over half the crop trying to clip or just remove affected colas. Finally started spraying 1% Hydrogen Peroxide on any brown spots and on as many colas as we're still good. No harm to growing parts.

    It did stop the spread.. and here is the most interesting part. I stopped clipping off the mold parts and just continued to spray them .. soaking them and opening colas nearby .. inspecting for any brown.. none found. Then while pulling on one of the brown rot sections to inspect underneath the rot sections easily pulled out and revealed nice pristine green budlets underneath.. the rot had been stopped so well that adjacent touching good buds were saved even on the same cluster.

    I have continued spraying and inspecting over two weeks and the rot has not advanced.. except in small areas where I might have not sprayed.

    So, don't give up on your mold problem. Hit them early and often with Peroxide spray .. maybe even BEFORE you see any mold and you might save the crop.


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