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recovering tourtured plant :)

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by earlgrey20, May 13, 2008.

  1. well i finally got my friend to give up on his plant and give it to me :devious:. He was growing it in a cardboard box with 1 CFL buld and no ventilation for about 3 months. when he gave it to me all the leafs were dry and had brown spots all over them. well now i have it , and it has been about 1 week now and the leafs are looking really nice. i cut off all the old and sickly leafs. i have it growing in a bubble bucket type setup and it seems to love it. i only have 1 problem though....all the new leaf sets...as well as the old ones all have only 3-4 leafs? im guessing its a retarted mutant or sumthing? ... what do u guys think ?:confused:

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  2. some strains only have 3 prong leaves.
  3. hmm ive never heard of that before. thanks
  4. dude doesnt know what hes talking about. new/small leaves may only get 3-4 leafs now, but give it a month and they'll look much more like the traditional chronleaf.
  5. hmmm for such a neglectful beginning she looks like she may pull through id expect a hermie tho. one cfl no ventilation this plants been working its proverbial ass off to survive.

    keep up the TLC tho and you'll mos' def' get something worth your time outta it.
  6. yeah maybe a hermie but i don't see anything but female preflowers all over that bitch 12/12 whenever you want mannnnnnnn
  7. some strains do only have 3 pronged leafs but those are most likely from stress and yes they will start growing normal leaves again. This seems similar to when clones first start to grow for me.
  8. hmm thanks alot...ya im going to start flowering in about another week or so.. hopefully its not a hermie :cool:

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