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Discussion in 'General' started by Remixed, Jun 13, 2011.

  1. I just recently had surgery to fix my deviated septum, and its been 4 days with these tubes jammed up my nose surrounded by dried blood. i have to spray this random shit into my nose every once in awhile for god knows what reason and keep my whole face bandaged up. i've felt so much like shit i haven't even showered since :(
    i also got my tonsils shrunk down cause the doctor said he didn't know how i was breathing at night they were so big and now i have the worst sore throat i've ever had. no amount of liquid helps.
    I just had to make this thread to bitch in, hopefully it doesn't piss anybody off or anything.
    side note, is there some sort of section of the forum specifically for bitching about things in? maybe that would be a good addition if no...
  2. I hope you have a quick recovery! I can relate on the covered in gauze thing kinda. I had my wisdom teeth out last month, suffered a dry socket.. I wanted to punch my dentist in the nuts when he broke it open to stuff nasty gauze down in it.

    What did you do to fuck your septum up?
  3. haha i'm still supposed to get my wisdom teeth out before the summer ends buuut im thinking that will wait for a little longer.
    uhh well i fell off a building onto my face. i was fucking around on the roof of a school next to my house being a typical retarded teenager, and i kinda landed wrong when i jumped off and faceplanted.
  4. [​IMG]

    I bet that is going to hurt worse than any wisdom teeth being ripped out of your face. Kinda landed wrong? Haha.
  5. hahaha best part was it really didn't hurt all that bad, and my face isn't all jacked up from it. im still a looker :D but yeah nooot my best day.

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