Recovering memories.

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  1. We all have an earliest memory. Some people's go back earlier than others. My earliest personally goes back to when I was about five, and unfortunately it is being slapped for something I did wrong. Knowing how I was at the time, I believe it was running into the street (even back then the road and traveling called to me ;)). Other than that it is just bits and pieces of things until I get later in life.

    In an effort to find out more about myself and how I became who I am, I'd like to recover more memories and more importantly my views on things that happened, not have people tell me about what happened in those early years, dig?

    I found this site: Memory: Recovering childhoold and early memories

    and what is says to do helped a little, but I would like something more.

    Any things I can do to aid in this process?

    and as a fun little aside, if you feel like sharing your earliest memory, that may be somewhat interesting as well!
  2. I remember the hot student teacher in first grade. (All kids who report underaged/illicit sex must be slain or severely beaten upon maturation)


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