recovering from septic shock

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  2. I do not believe marijuana would cause any problems with your recovery. I can't imagine why it would and I have never heard of it causing such problems, but I can't say anything 100% certainty either.

    If you can't find anything clear on the net perhaps consider just asking your doctor.
  3. I believe marijuana is only harmful if you
    1. are a schizophrenic
    2. have open sockets after wisdom teeth
  4. It'll be fine. trust me, I'm a weed smoking schizo. lol
  5. thanks guys^^^^
    im just concerned that it may compromise my immune system and then lead to the bacteria infection again. what are your thoughts on that?
  6. Both the natural cannabinoids in cannabis, and synthetic cannabinoids have been successfully used as a treatment for septic shock.
    The components of cannabis can repair and maintain healthy cells, improve immune-system functionality, and have anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory (among MANY other) beneficial properties.

    Protection Against Septic Shock and Suppression of Tumor Necrosis Factor ? and Nitric Oxide Production by Dexanabinol (HU-211), a Nonpsychotropic Cannabinoid(full

    The endocannabinoid system in sepsis


    I'd try edibles rather than smoking, if possible. :)

    Hope this helps! :wave:
  7. thanks man ^:smoke:^
  8. any other opinions? or complications?
  9. nope, get stoned dude

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