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Recording of getting caught.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by g12231dfa1, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. Okay firstly this is not me, I'm simply linking the video here for anyone interested in hearing this sound clip, which is quite embarrassing. A few things should be explained so that you aren't confused when watching. Firstly: This is a famous Youtubers community channel for Runescape videos which is updated daily Runescape players send in their videos for a chance to be uploaded to the channel (if the video is good enough, only 3 videos per day are uploaded.)

    Secondly: The audio was captured through a chat software, most likely Skype or Ventrilo, these are the most common programs that Runescape players use to communicate verbally. Obviously one of the guys friends was recording for some other reason, or his friend started recording at some point during the encounter between the boy and his mother.

    Thirdly: Feel free to debate the integrity of the video, there's always someone who wants to argue and question whether a video (soundclip in this case) is genuine or not. Well have at it, but I for one believe this is real, and that's only and opinion (You're encouraged to form your own.)

    And lastly, just a disclaimer about my experience with Runescape and the overall relevance of this video: I began playing Runescape in 2002, I was 10 years old and in the sixth grade played it throughout middle school and quit just before high school. I just turned 20 and I no longer play, but I do watch the videos from time to time which is how I stumbled upon this little gem. ;)

    Heavily medicated. :smoking:
    Finally the Video, [ame=""]High as a Kite - YouTube[/ame]

    TL/DR: Young boy gets caught smoking weed and Audio of the encounter is recorded by his fellow Runescape players.
    Also some explanations to avoid confusion, and a little bit about my history with Runescape.
  2. That kid in the video sounded like he was 15.

    His mother sounded mad envious because she hasn't smoked pot in so long.
  3. lmao, "i will get fired" "your as high as a kite". bitch you didnt smoke it
  4. "It's under his bed." Haha that guy was hilarious. "Smell his hands."
  5. lol your right she wants it for yourself.

  6. Yeah I found her, "You'll burn the house down!" comment, thoroughly amusing. She's obviously ignorant.
  7. omfg hahahahahahahaa

  8. I don't see how anyone other than another brat like him can defend him.
  9. I have to question the kid in the videos decision making skills...
  10. #10 Silemanx, Mar 11, 2012
    Last edited: Mar 11, 2012
    HOOOOOLLLLYYYYY SHIT. I AM 99% SURE I KNOW THE GUY GETTING BUSTED. He sounds JUST like one of my best friends. omg, I'll have to ask him.

    Edit: Never mind, not the same guy.
  11. haha she wants to hit that shit so bad
  12. I'm not defending him at all. I'm saying his mother is ignorant, you don't have to make up shit for your kid to stop smoking. All she had to say is, "you can't smoke cause this is my house and those are the rules" Instead of saying ridiculous shit like she will be fired because she can smell marijuana? or that there is a strong chance of her house being burned down. Had I been caught by my parents before moving out I would have stopped had they asked me, because it's their house and that's the only respectable thing to do in that situation.
  13. Haha that's hilarious. I played runescape at around that age too! I was really into it... i was just like you thought. Started when I was 10 and stopped before higschool
  14. I love the guy in the background commenting on where the weed is and trying to get him in trouble.
  15. Bitch you wont fail a piss test if your son smokes pot in his room by himself.
    That being said, kid dont smoke pot on your parent house if they dont want you to, have a little more respect.
  16. :laughing: nothing funnier than a parent raging about pot.

    "You're going to burn my fucking house down!"

    What? The only thing he's burning down is a doobie.
  17. It seems like she can't find a legit argument, lol.
  18. Basically son give me your fucking weed i want a joint. Yep been there before.

  19. Or a dealer. :D
  20. wtf lets play runescape together bro.

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