Recording Drums Using 8 Mics and a Macbook

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    Hey guys, dk if any of you guys here are actual recording musicians or even drummers, but i've been trying to get a home recording rig set up for a while.

    I have 8 mics each specifically made for a certain drum/sound. All the cables are XLR to XLR.
    I also have Logic Express and a Macbook with 4gigs of ram. All i need right now is a mixer, but here is where my problem comes in.
    If i buy a real mixer, something like this (Buy Peavey PV14 Mixer | Unpowered Mixers | Musician's Friend) (, i don't know how to connect all the channels to Logic Express :confused:

    I could get something like the allen heath or prosonus mixers that go straight to usb or firewire (Buy Allen & Heath ZED-12FX USB Mixer with Effects | Unpowered Mixers | Musician's Friend) but they're alot more expensive per XLR input and don't have phenomanal reviews.

    Can any of my fellow stoners out there help me with either figuring out how to hook up a normal mixer to a macbook or fucking it and buying a usb mixer? thanks guys.:smoke:

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