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Discussion in 'General' started by eome, Apr 21, 2002.

  1. I know this is gonna sound a little sad but why don't we try to get a new stupidly large record number of people here. We could all go on next saturday (stoned of course) and try to all go on- how about 3PM GMT ON SATURDAY THE 27th MARCH?
  2. Im game ill try to be online then.


  3. i have no idea wut GMT is.....can u translate that to westcoast time for use lazy ones (me)
  4. yea wtf is gmt
  5. It should be the time that the website is set to Greenwich Mean Time, or GMT. There is an atomic clock in greenwich, and generally when it comes to global time we always refer to the GMT which for me is - 8 hours.

  6. so wut time should i get on then icecreamkid? we same time zone (west coast baby, west coast!)

  7. 27th of march has already passed friend! This be april month!
  8. can the site handle that much traffic?
  9. eome you are dummer than i thaught you were its APRIL ! LOL

  10. lol, not sure dumb is appropriate, more likely stml strikes again!! :smoking:
  11. Thats 7am pacific coast time. Gosh thats early to be cruising the city.

  12. 7am is never too early to be burning a bowl ICK! :D
    hee hee nah it is kinda early for a saturday, isn't it, but hell i'll try n make it.
  13. I like it, the server it made actualy to recieve 3500 unique client request per second (simultaniousy!) so it should work :)

  14. so then i should be up at 7am and on the city this saturday? can do...ill c y'all there
  15. cool!! I'll be here! :wave:

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