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  1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could recommend to me a nice high yielding Indica... I'll be growing using CFL's. I was thinking of trying white widow ( as it's my favorite smoke ) however i hear it has only an average yield at best :( . I would like to shoot for 10oz. if possible :smoke: . any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. cheers :)
  2. 10oz. is usually difficult to achieve no matter the strain.
    And BTW, WW is more Sativa dominant than Indica. It's a hybrid.
  3. i know, the 10oz thing is just my goal ( i'll need more practice lol). I'll be happy if i can get 4-6z's.
    And WW is more sativa? I knew it was hybrid but I was always under the impression that it leans more toward the indica side. On average it grows to about 4' right?
  4. my WW grew too 2 plus feet and in all yeilded about 6 ounces thats 3 plants under a 400watt hps for flower with a veg of one month. WW is 55% sativa and 45% Indica, they have a good strech during flower too. i dont think WW wouldnt be a good strain under normal cfls maybe high powered grow cfls yes but normal houses ones No.

    everybody says Nl has good yeilds and low odor im currently trying that strain out ordered femmed seeds and have only one going so well see.
  5. High powered CFL's? you mean those Monster CFL's?
    If i wasn't on such a tight budget I would just go buy an HPS - only its the ballast cost that would put me over my budget. But anyway, I appreciate the info blackjack and valleyhemp.
    I'm going to go research HPG CFL's ...still trying to work out what my lighting situations going to be. much reading a research involved for the beginner grower -_- *sigh lol
  6. trainwreck is a known yielder and youll need more than CFLs to flower.

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