Recommended seed bank?

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by Alexcarync, Sep 24, 2018.

  1. Hey y’all I’m looking for reliable seed banks any out there?
  2. Best prices- Alibongo

    Best service- The Vault

    Best US Seedbank I’ve used- SeedsHereNow
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  3. hello, for me one of the best seed banks is that of dinafem, it has very high quality seeds, on this site, it is where I buy them, they always come out of the best quality, and I have tried other banks, but it is not same, greetings
  4. Get the best. Order Mephisto
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  5. Alot of deals from all breeders @ gyo seeds freebies with every order free stealth shipping..
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  6. No

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  7. Did u have to send them pic of ur i.d card? For fraud suppose ?

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  8. No sir!! Just a normal online purchase
  9. Never ordered from them
  10. I used them for my first seed purchase and boii was i afraid of getting ripped off or even worse into trouble.. im effed up mann i cant go to jail like this ill die in that bitch..

    After alot of reading i decided to take my chance and i was happy i chose them.. theirs lots of banks some might be better but i like how they respond timely to emails assuring my ill get my delivery, saying theyll resend if customs stops it..

    Got my seeds in under 2 weeks free stealth shipping.. couldnt find the seeds for about 5 mins searching the package..

    Tthey all poped and broke soil.. EVERY SINGLE ONE.. i have 1 sour diesel photo left im germinating in 2 weeks.. im confident the seeds good!! I used DNA genetics Gyo collection as it being their site they had the biggest deals out of all breeders deals on their.. and they sell 1 seed at a time so buying a selection of strains is easy & cheap..

    You dont need to try em’ but atleast give em’ a look up
  11. Hey, have you ever done this, seen it before.. what do you think of it??

  12. At the end it couldn’t hurt. Never done it though.
  13. That’s how Alibongo has been for me. Two orders now and good freebies on each one.

    I got so many seeds at the Cannabis Convention in Portland this weekend, I’ll be set for years. Can’t wait to pop some Grandpas Stash from Ethos Genetics and Falcon 9 from Exotic Genetix
  14. seedsman seed bank ,,Nirvana seeds ..Barney's Farm,choice seed bank....most of the european seed banks are good ,,mac,
  15. Cant wait till a convention comes to my area..

    Mustve been fun.. i can imaging on ur seed stash after going to one of those..
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  16. Can't beat the service from the Vault.

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