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    Hi folks,

    Humbly seeking a few questions.....

    A friend has an organic garden, but with bottled nutrients (blue mountain organics). He uses Sunshine4 without amendments (experimenting though with quite a few). So with that said he does use Earth Juice to adjust feed PH.

    He's adding a neem/silica/yucca/aloe/essential oil(s) preventative spray as well and hoping to try the BMO foliar harmony as something other than a soil drench booster.

    The questions are;

    Assuming the ph of the neem/silica will be high. Will the ph need to be something specific? Or not at all?

    I'm assuming yes on the need to PH the foliar harmony as the manufacture does reccomend PHing of the nutrient solution in water.

    Finally, what about foliar water quality? Can it be aerated tap (175ppm to start). Or does it need to be distilled. I know he doesn't use RO.

    Thanks for the help organic farmers!
  2. usually you never need to ph anything while growing organically but i am unfamiliar with those products you mentioned. most of us grow in soil so i wouldn't hold my breath on an answer on the specific product you use. id just follow the instruction on the label.

    meanwhile. get your "friend" to visit the no-till thread if he wants to learn how to grow in soil without ever having to buy bottled nutes again.

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