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  1. Alright so i'm about to start a guerilla grow, and I was wondering on which seed would be best for my experience and temperature.

    I live in Canada, and the ground hasn't been frozen for a good 3 weeks to a month. It's decently hot here in the summer, averaging from around 25-30 Celsius. The sun's up at about 6-7 am to 6-7 pm right now.

    This is my first grow, and i'm thinking of ordering the more seed as possible, with a budget of around 200-250$.

    I would start germinating as soon as i recieve the seeds, and plan to order them on thursday or friday- i'm also probably ordering from attitude seedbanks, as i've heard it's the best and because it's based in Canada?

    I'd go back to the spot around once a week, and am looking for the best quality/quantity ratio possible. Would it be possible to get some sativa's? Because they're my favorites :p
  2. I would suggest, becuase of your climate and your short days, that you think about getting some auto flowers. You can get them sativa mixed if you perfer. Some people dont like them becuase of the small yeild, usually and ounce per plant. But you can get multiple harvests in a year and they stay small and discreat so you can plant alot of them, multiple times a year, as many of them go from seed to harvest in around 60 to 90 days. Just a suggestion, I always grow these with my photoperiod plants to get early harvests.

  3. Thanks man, that was the type of answer I was lookin' for :hello:

    Do you have any specific strain recommendation? And is an ounce/plant the average you get from an auto? I'm sure my days will get longer as the summer starts, and it usually freeze here at around the end of october
  4. No problem, thats what we r here for, ta help one another out. But yea, an ounce is about average for autos depending on the strain, some are less and only a few are more. I've grown quite a few different autos and am always trying new ones to find that one special But a few that stick in my mind are Auto AK47 (comes mixed with all types of shit from different breeders, I got it from Lowlife seeds mixed with deisel, took around 90 days from seed to finish but was well worth the wait(this one is a heavy sativa mix). Blue Himalaya Diesel from short stuff seeds was very good and had a awesome purple hue to it, also it put out almost 60 grams of dry weight( most Ive ever got off of an auto). Right now Im growing 2 Vertigos from paradise seeds and they are looking strong, one is already purpling on the edges. Just try to do some research on the seed breeders b4 buying to know if thier product is of good quality. I personally get my seeds from attitude seedbank, but being in canada im sure you have local dealers with a good supply. Follow my grow and u can watch the vertigos grow up and in a month I will be following them with a White dwarf auto, a Red dwarf auto (both from buddha seeds) and a few more vertigos, to start my second harvest, havent ordered for the third batch, might base it off of what you start. Keep us informed and post your grow if possible. Happy growin
  5. Auto-flower seeds are fantastic. How far genetics have come in these last few years is absolutely mind-boggling. Last year I tossed my lot in with some auto-blueberries and really enjoyed the result. This year, I'm sampling a Mazar strain to complement my photoperiod(s). Whats great about the auto's is you get some beauties early while you wait for the rest of your ladies to finish prepping for the big dance. Other than that, I'm a fan of hardy, weather/mold resistant strains. Northern Lights has long been a favorite just because it grows almost independently of myself. I love a hardy strain that does nearly everything it needs2 independent of the grower after that first month. Indica mixes are relatively solid for that reason. However, with all the fantastic genetics out there and the wonderful online growers communities supporting you every step of the way, it would seem highly unlikely that you would have2steer your ship away from anything in particular.
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    He is right there. Auto flowers are the bee's nee's lol. I have done auto blueberry last year, a 100 in the Eco grow system and got some good results. I now have auto dinafem roodrunner, witch have 3 weeks left. Now out of all of them, dinafem roodrunner and dinafem critical X are the best auto flowers out there. Good stuff to say u just make 2oz a plant but u can put loads in a small space or grow them in your window......
  7. Hey what part of Canada?
    There is a seed bank in Toronto that sells a strain called fast pine.
    It's been crossed specifically for Canada ( mainly southern (Ontario))
    It's cheap like 30 seeds for 60$ and is a very easy plant to grow.
    I'd also recommend northernlights or skunk.
    I'm currently growing BC roadkill and PCK x PCK (purple kush)

  8. I live in Quebec. Do they sell these online?
  9. Toronto420 Seed Bank - Top Quality Seeds At Affordable Prices

    The fast pine seeds are above they are from Toronto which isn't too far away.

    Also and the main seed bank I'd recommend is hemp depot.
    Absolutely nothing but good things about them
    I just germinate 20 PCK x PCK and all 20 germinates
    Also germed 10 BC road kill all of them germed and are doing great!
    Defiantly check out hemp depot they rock!!

  10. Are you sure that website you listed is legit? The payment part looks pretty sketchy to me =/

  11. I've ordered from them before.. But the customer service wasn't the best..
    But they are the closes seed bank to me that sold fast pine.

    Marijuana Seed(s) Cannabis Seed(s) buy purchase from Hemp Depot shipped worldwide

    ^ order your seeds frOm them.. They rock, there prices are fair and the seeds are bomb.. Like I said I had a 30/30 germination rate with the 2 strains.
    I payed by mailing in money alone with an order form that they provide.
    And any questions I had were awnsered with in 24 hours.
  12. Northern lights is potent, very forgiving, and finishes relativly early (indica). Im growing it right now and i LOVE it.

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