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  1. Looking for an entertaining movie I can get lost in. Probably Fantasy/Adventure (can you classify a film as adventure? XD) or sci-fi, anime even. I'm just looking for some good, "out of the ordinary" movies. By out of the ordinary I mean something I wouldn't hear recommended to me by the general populace; a nugget you hold dearly to your heart.
  2. Mulholland Drive by David Lynch maybe? Wild At Heart by David Lynch maybe? Erasehead? Depends on whether you want out of the ordinary or just plain weird.
  3. The Abyss, excellent sci fi movie.
  4. Thanks for the recommendations so far, I really appreciate it. :)

    Any movies you blades find to be spectacular, out of the norm movies. Nothing like Troll 2 lol... OHHHH MY GODDDDDDDDDDD. Albeit that can be defined in a number of ways, I'll leave that up to you and trust your taste.
  5. Ninja Scroll, movie (OVA)
    Wizards, American animation

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