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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by DaBlackMamba, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. i bought the molino mad scientist ... and its fuckin greeeat. im lookin for something else 2 smoke out of too (dont want to get bored of the scientist). what smoking instrument do you guys recommend? ( ive smoked my fair shair of blunts and joints)

    lookin to spend a max of $150 right now
  2. Well....
    it depends on something else....
    maybe you want to shell out for a sweet double chamber bubbler. They hit smooth and have more space then a regular bubbler for the smoke.
    Or if you want a harsher rip with taste you can get a REALLY bad ass spoon with a huge bowl

    it all depends on what you really want..
    i personally would stick to the scientist.. thing is sick.
    Spend the other 150 on sweet dank and make love to it with a scientist :)
  3. a nice roor...
    with ice chamber and perks.
    or a custom....
  4. I think every stoner should have a one hitter. Buy a nice one hitter with dugout. Should cost you around 35-40 bucks.
  5. I would just buy more dank to go with that
  6. I'd buy a real nice bubbler that isn't too big. That way you can use the bubbler when you're toking on the move, and leave the bong at home.

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