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Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by RaoulJuke, Nov 23, 2015.

  1. Hey everyone, in the market for a vapour. Looking for something for just at home with efficiency being motivation. Was hoping to spend between $100-150 - what can we suggest?

  2. Arizer Solo or Arizer Air.

    If you are in the USA, buy from a Canadian website and save about 25% on the currency conversion.

    Way way way more vape info on Fuckcombustion.
  3. If you could possibly stretch your budget another 30 dollars or so, both the UnderDog and the E-Nano log vaporizers are the most efficient vaporizers on the planet and being that home use and efficiency is at the top of your priority list, I strongly urge you to check both of them out.

    The suggestions that sickman gave you above are both great vapes but they are both portables and less efficient than the vapes I mentioned above, but, if you're in the market for good portables, those should be checked out as well although for a VERY efficient portable, check out the VapCap from DynaVap as well as the MFLB from Magic Flight.
  4. I recently bought the MFLB from Magic Flight. I like the little wooden box as it's very convenient and I have smoked in my house and my wife didn't even notice! But the high from the MFLB is quite different than when I smoke. It just gives me a light and plesent head buzz but I can never achieve a full blown stoned feeling. I think I am following the instructions precisely. Would be interested to know what other people's experience is with portable vaporizers.
  5. Heard the mflb is very efficient. I have a flower mate 5.0 pro that I like alot
  6. Recently I bought the kanger nebox starter kit from the , a USA based official site , the package arrives online and the device still works fine now , they email me today that they will offer discount for Black Friday , you can give it a shot , i got mine for $49.99 with free shipping :
  7. Beware........^^ Shill !!!!
  8. My buddy has been using the evo by vapexhale and I've never seen more powerful vapor production or medicating power in any other device. Super smooth vapor, deliciously flavorful, and EXTREMELY efficient. You can literally achieve massive clouds using fractional herbal material (I get about twice as high with half as much material as when I would traditionally smoke). This is a vape that pays for itself while you use it and I'm dyeing to get my hands on one asafp :)
  9. I agree. Great vaporizer but most vapes will pay for themselves within a short while.


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