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Anxiety Recommendations please!! Trying to find better medical edibles or buds for my issues

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by FScm20, Oct 9, 2022.

  1. Hi Community! I just found and became a member of this forum and am hoping to get recommendations and possibly some advice on a situation I’ve been periodically having with edibles. Which I’m again having now.

    Firstly the edibles I’m currently taking and that I take at the same time are:

    Kushy Punch Cannabis Infused Full Spectrum Sativa sugar free Lychee


    Kiva Churro Cannabis Infused Milk Chocolate

    I use these medically, as I have: ADHD, OCD (including OCD that could be considered mildly moderate tourettes), a learning disorder, and anxiety disorders.

    After I’ve taken a piece of both edibles at the same time (to get the impact I need) and after the initial euphoric high fades. The benefit of the edibles kicks in and lasts for the next 24 hours or so. Which for me is that a massive amount of the anxieties, inability to focus, physical twitching, slowness of thought, and negative obsessive thoughts. All of those fade into the distant background, which enables me to think extremely clearly, think extremely quickly, no physical twitching, calmness, energetic, slightly giddy and especially my innovative and creative and logical thinking expands considerably! All of which I depend on to do my normal job and for writing a novel I’m working on.

    The major problem I’m encountering however, is that for one, the cannabis extract that the companies use in their edible products seems to change periodically. For me that turns a very beneficial edible into a lesser minimally useful edible, if useful at all.

    That and the other ingredients within the edibles such as sugar, chocolate, cinnamon, wheat, chemicals and others, causes me a lot of problems.

    So I’ve been trying to either find edible products that don’t have any of those added ingredients that cause me issue. While at the same time equally as important, providing me with the full mental benefit I need, that I mentioned above.

    That and/or finding the types of buds that I can buy and make use of to get the medical benefit I need. I actually emailed both the Kiva Confections company and Kushy Punch company twice over the past two months. Too see if either or both of them would let me know which specific buds they use to make the cannabis extract for their edibles. But its been a couple weeks since sending the second emails, so I figured I need to look elsewhere for information. Which is again the reason I’m posting this here.

    Earlier this year when the previous edibles I had been using, when the next package I started making use of ended up having no impact on me. Unfortunately I didn't think to write down the name of the prior ones. I searched online for edibles and buds that would provide the benefit I needed. I went to local dispensaries and bought and tried perhaps a dozen different edibles and and dozen different buds, over the course of about a month or more.

    But none had the same beneficial impact I needed, at most I felt a sliver of benefit for a couple hours only. Until I came across the two I also mentioned above. Those two, the Lychee and the Churro gave me about 60% of the same benefit as the prior edibles, so I just made use of them. As my anxieties were at a really mentally painful level by then.

    But now again, I’m in the same situation as before, because while the Lychee and the Churro edibles are still mildly beneficial. All of my disorders are bleeding through and with that I’m experiencing all the negatives from my disorder.

    With all of that said, I could really use some recommendations on edibles and/or buds that I can look into trying. I’ve used the online tools that various websites have, to help a person determine which edible or bud is right for them. But those online tools are still too basic, as the products that are recommended are the reason I previously bought so many different types edibles and buds to try. None of which had worked for me.

    So again, any recommendations are greatly appreciated!!
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  2. I recommend you grow your own.
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  3. Have you tried the Indica? Helps me a lot with my anxiety.
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    Last edited: Oct 10, 2022
    If you're willing to learn how to make cannabis capsules with ground bud or cannabis oil ( I should say Kief) you can control the ingredients and strength. @BrassNwood will probably be along shortly....but you can do a search on his name and get his recipe.
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  5. Welcome to the City.

    Hallucinating Hash Capsules for Hemp Heads
    The recipe works for everything from buds to Kief-Hash to Concentrates.
    BadKats CannaPharm: Medical Grade Oil, Cannabis Capsules, UV GLOWING Hash Candy, Canna Bombs more
    Original source.

    I've used this everyday for the last 10 years.

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  6. Done as edibles Cannabis, at least to me has virtually the same stone regardless of the strains used. Most of the lighter, lower temp volatile Terpenes are cooked off in the decarboxylation process and they don't play much of a part in edible effects. What can make a difference is the ratio of THC and CBD.
    THC = Stone
    CBD = Anti-Stone.
    Pure THC gives to sharp and edgy a high and needs some CBD to dull the pointed end a bit. To much CBD on the other hand actually prevents the THC from doing anything. The trick is to find the ratio that suits your personal needs and physiology.

    Mid range Cannabis hybrid strains are a good place to start with THC ranges in the 14-18%. They often have a bit higher CBD to THC ratio and give a smoother ride in my experience.

    Decarb the Cannabis 240 F for 40 minutes.
    This is just baking pea sized buds in the Oven.

    5 grams Decarboxylated (something) Buds or Hash or Wax or.
    Grind to flour grade dust if Buds
    1 tablespoon Coconut oil (any cooking oil works)
    1/2 teaspoon Lecithin (strength enhancer)
    Heat paste 220 F for 20 minutes.
    Freeze (softens gritty mouth feel)

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  7. Hi not a expert on making extracts beside bubble hash.

    The break through for you happens when you grow your own and make the extracts yourself

    I suggest growing Sativa ,,, A haze sativa like amnesia haze or G13 Haze /
    I don't know about indica as a med, sure other members can tell you what strain is the best for you .
    Best of luck and I can help advise you on certain grow system.
    Allot of good growers in here ,, set in our ways. but always wanting to help
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  8. You missed the point of my post or you didn't read it entirely, I need to know what to grow first!
  9. Indica is a type marijuana strain. That is why I specifically said, I'm looking for recommendations on the marijuana buds! As in the names of the physical plant.
  10. Perhaps a multi use strain. Blackberry kush has a higher THC content, dense buds with high resin production so you could press into rosin if that was your thing. It's really a matter of what works for you, typically the best way to find out is to do some experimenting with different strains and go from there.
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  11. You're missing the point of my post entirely. What you're referring to doesn't help me! As in, I first need to know which bud to use, which IS point of my original post
  12. You missed the point of my post!
  13. Allot of these members your saying missed the point know allot about weed .
    Maybe you could reply in a more of constructive way.
    BrassNwood might be thee expert on hash caps, After all the issues you posted that you have BrassNwood is trying to help you.
    Personally I would like to try some of his Hash Caps .
    Good Luck
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  14. Go to They have a list of strains, pictures of them, and if they are Indica, Sativa, or Hybrid. And when you pull up a strain it tells you what it's good for and how you might react to it. I hope this helps.
  15. To the admins, please delete this thread of mine! Since all of the replies are not even on the same topic as my original post, it

    I thank you for suggesting "Blackberry kush", I'll see if it's available in dispensaries around me.

    As for the rest of your post, I'm very much aware of that, as I indicated in my original post, that is the reason I posted on this site.
  16. I very much appreciate you providing this website address, this is much closer to the information I'm seeking! A website that gives information on the various types of buds! My appreciation!
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  17. If people took time to thoroughly read the original post, there wouldn't be a need for me to reply that the point was missed. That is all I will say on this!
  18. When so many people miss your point it might be part you.
    Guess you forgot we are all stoners in here .
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  19. So sorry.
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