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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Cowart69, Aug 17, 2007.

  1. We are finishing up our first grow. We we did ok and learned a lot.....have some questions.

    - The fans we are using are just plain too noisy. I think we are using small desktop ones but for our 2nd grow want to try something new. Does anybody have any recommendations of fans that give off good air, dont take a lot of space, and are quiet?

    - We are doing a closet grow and the closet is tall, long length wise, and skinny. We did 12 plants on the floor and now we are going to put in a shelf about halfway up so we can add another 12. So we are going to have to put in another set of lighting duplicated the ground floor level of the grow room. Has anyone done this or have any suggestions on it?
  2. what are the dimentions? the first problem is theres no point in circulating stagnent air! you need some ventilation to bring in cold (ideally fresh) air which is warmed by your light, and then an extraction fan (with a carbon filter) to keep a constant flow of freah running through your grow room. theres no harm in using a desktop fan for circulation, but your plants use carbon to grow and intern produce oxygen, all the carbon is being used up, only leaving oxigen, so its pointless even having a fan really.

    i use a 80watt desktop fan connected to some ducting pulling fresh cold air from outside, and a 120 watt extraction fan with a carbon filter, its quite, but they'll never be silent.

    about the 2nd shelf. the first thing you need to consider is how much of a pain in the ass is it going to be to check and to water 4-6 times a day, unless your using hydro. the more room you leave your plants to grow, the larger they will get and produce a higher yield. ideally you want about 2 meters to raise your lights.

    i only have a 4 plants setup and get a dried weight of never under 4 oz per plant (im not greedy) under a 600 watt light, so whats the point in 24 in a small cubbord? ive never understood why people cram as many plants into 1 space as possible. it doesn't work like that, especially considering you have little co2 in your space. a second light will raise the temperature in your room too high and nothing will grow, not without a much larger space and proper ventilation and will inherantly create a fire risk, which isn't good. i can think of a million reasons why you shouldn't grow like this, but theres always a learning curve and you can only keep trucking.

    to be honest, your'e better off going out and spending 5 - 600 quid. you'll tripple your investment on the first crop.

    hope i dont sound harsh. we've all been there. but ventilation is a must!

  3. Thank you for your reply....a little more info

    It is a very tall closet space. I think there would be more then enough room for two set will be a pain to pull the plants out from underneath but it is right next to a shower room so the plants dont have to go far.

    I am not giving a very good picture of the ventilation set up. The Closet is right next to the outside of the biulding. Holes have been created for both taking air in and venting air out so the plants are getting plenty of oxigen.

    The problem is heat. I live in Southern Cali so keeping the room cool is difficult. I think i really hurt my first grow as we only got about 1 1/2 oz per plant. you really check your plants 4-6 times a day? Or is that a typo?

    And what does "5 - 600 quid" mean?
  4. I believe quids are Brit pence, hapence, pound, shilling, etc.

    Heat will be a huge problem. I'm guessing the room is not airconditioned? I use a bathroom exhaust fan. It isn't too noisy, and it uses standard ducting so it would be easy to run the exhaust outside. I'd probably pull air from inside the house, it is bound to be cooler that the air outside during the summer.


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